Gene Simmons Net Worth

How much is Gene Simmons worth? $350 million

How did Gene Simmons earn his money and wealth?

Gene Simmons, real name Gene Witz, was born on 25 August in Haifa, Israel to Feri Witz and Flora Klein. His parents split after which Gene was raised by his mom. He had a rough childhood and experienced struggle for basic needs. He went to Yeshiva ToranVodaath after which he went to a public school located in Jackson Heights. Gene created a music band of his own known as ‘Lynx’ while in school. Gene, later on, attended the Sullivan County Community College and later on went to Richmond College and received a bachelor’s degree in the year 1970.

Gene Simmons is not only an Israeli American singer but is also a musician, songwriter, record producer, actor, television personality, an author as well as an entrepreneur. In the year 1970, Gene became friends with Paul Stanley and together the two formed a band named ‘Wicked Lester.’ However, the two soon left the band in the year 1972. Later, they created a new band known as ‘Kiss’ along with Peter Criss as well as Ace Frehley. The band released its first self-titled album ‘Kiss’ in the year 1974 which earned a Gold in the United States.

The band later released the albums ‘Hotter than Hell’ and ‘Dressed to Kill’. Their album ‘Destroyer’ released in 1976 went Platinum. The band featured in the 1978 TV movie titled ‘Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park’. Later on, the band released a studio album in the year 1980 titled ‘Unmasked’. The band later released several albums in the 1980s, where most were certified Gold such as ‘Creatures of the Night’ in the year 1982, ‘Lick It Up’ in the year 1983, ‘Asylum’ in the year 1985, among others.

Around this time, Gene tried his luck in acting and appeared in a number of movies such as ’Runaway’ in the year 1984, ‘Trick or Treat’ in the year 1986, ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’ in the year 1987 and others. During the 1990s, the band ‘Kiss’ went through several challenges such as unrest among its band members, reduced popularity, and death of its former band member. In this time period, the band released just a few albums such as ‘Revenge’ in the year 1992, ‘Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions’ in the year 1997, as well as ‘Psycho Circus’ in the year 1998.

In the next few years, Gene acted in less known films such as ‘The New Guy’ in the year 2002, ‘Extract’ in the year 2009 as well as ‘Expecting Mary’ in the year 2010. Gene starred along with his wife as well as two kids in a TV reality series known as ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ which aired in the A&E channel in the year 2006. The show had a run of seven seasons and continued till the year 2012. In the year 2009, the band ‘Kiss’ released the album ‘Sonic Boom’ which earned a positive response from the fans and critics. The band released its next album ‘Monster’ in the year 2012.

What are the highest grossing songs of Gene Simmons?

  1. Haunted House (1964): Peaked at #11
  2. Radioactive (1979): Peaked at #47

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