Review: Gentefied Episode 8

Children often get angry with their parents because they won’t let them go their own way. Ana continuously fights with her mother just because she is not allowed to work on her art full-time. She is already doing so much, what more does her mother expect? In this episode, we get to see her mom’s side of the story and see her put up with the trials that she has been up against since a very long time. This one is for the parents who sacrifice everything for their children, but never take time for themselves.

Gentefied Episode 8 Recap

Beatriz’s workload is getting worse by the day. Her colleagues think about attending a meeting where such things are discussed, but they are scared of getting fired. Ana takes some time out from work to help Yessica with her project and ignores her duties at home. Nayeli is tired of everyone fighting around her and decides to take a break.

Gentefied Episode 8 Review

From the first episode of the show, we have witnessed a love/hate relationship between Ana and her mother. Ana wants to continue her life as an artist. She wants to paint, and before Tim, she had been struggling with the money. After his gigs, the murals, and now an art exhibition on the way, she has the opportunity to dream bigger, but it also demands more of her time. She also has another job which makes it difficult for her to give time to others.

Her life is very hectic, which is why when her mom pesters her to do more, we wish things would cool down between them. We wonder why her mom can’t just let her do her own thing. Why does she pressurise her so much, especially now that her art is also bringing in money? Young people, who are pursuing their dreams that don’t really promise immediate monetary profit, would find Ana’s situation very relatable. But they also need to consider her mom’s side of the story.

Beatriz left Mexico to build a new life in the States. She worked tirelessly so that her children wouldn’t have to live like her; she left so that they could have a better chance at a life of comforts. But as time goes on, life becomes more challenging and she expects her children to pitch in. Little Nayeli tries her best to be there for her mom, but things are more complicated with Ana. She has to balance her art, the other job, the responsibilities at home, and her relationship with Yessica all at once. But what about Beatriz?

Through her story, the show turns our attention towards the unforgiving work hours that immigrants have to put themselves through in order to make a living. Too much work and too little breaks, the threat of getting fired if they complain or support a union, and other difficulties at work make their jobs impossible. If you thought Ana’s life was chaotic, at least she has a life. ‘Women’s Work’ not just makes us think about the unfairness that people have to put up with, but also makes us appreciate the things that our parents do for us.

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