Geoffrey and Varya: Update and Spoilers

Most couples who appear on ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ seem genuinely in love with each other and are just looking for the slight push that can make them take their relationship all the way, but some make it seem like they’re only on it for money, fame, or a free pass to America. Geoffrey and Varya’s relationship on the most recent season of the show was the perfect blend of both, making them one of the most controversial and intriguing couples.

Geoffrey and Varya: 90 Day Fiance Update

41-year-old Geoffrey Paschel from Tennessee met the 30-year-old Varya Malina from Russia online, and there they started a love-filled relationship. Initially, it seemed like Varya was in the relationship because she wanted an easy entry to America, but as the show progressed, we got to see just how sizzling their chemistry and connection really was.

While Varya has lived a straight forward life as a radio host, Geoffrey has a sketchy past, including being incarcerated for drug dealing and having a long history of domestic violence. The Tennessee native actually had not told his girlfriend the entire truth about his past till he was in Russia and had met her because he was worried that it would scare him away.

During there time together, more red flags began to show up as Geoffrey threw tantrums and fought with her whenever he didn’t get his way. In the last episode, though, things seemed to reach the boiling point for him. When he got down on one knee and proposed to Varya, she told him that although she loves him and thinks that he is an amazing man, she wants to take it slow. She basically told him that she’d marry him, just not yet.

But Geoffrey didn’t take it well, he started having an attitude towards her and was passive-aggressive whenever they were having a conversation, if you can call it that. It seemed like he was trying to manipulate her into saying yes, and when Varya didn’t budge, he broke up with her. Later on, at the airport, he even went as far as to say that he wasn’t willing to wait; it was either now or never. He told her he would move on without her in his life and stormed off.

So, is their relationship really over, or did they think of what happened as a small bump on their way to happily ever after and patch up?

Geoffrey and Varya: Spoilers

While contractual obligations with TLC forbid them from revealing their relationship status, it seems like Geoffrey and Varya’s relationship is over for good. After the last episode aired, Geoffrey took to Instagram to reflect on his life and his relationship, the caption of the post included, “Not only was I in a foreign country, but the whole relationship in an instant became foreign.”

He even added that “I took a chance on love; I put it all on the table. I was hurt in a way that is hard to process. Logic tells me that I cannot be mad at the other person—the person I love. Varya is a fantastic woman & I had to emotionally force myself away from her for my own sanity.”

Even Varya talks about the pivotal moments in their relationship when she uploads throwback or behind the scenes photos from the show. While some of them are of just her alone, she does upload photos with Geoffrey too. And although the don’t follow each other on Instagram and have seemingly cut off communications, it looks like they knew that what they had was special while it lasted and don’t want to erase it from their respective lives.



In other news, it also turns out that Geoffrey still has pending charges against him that he never came clean about; therefore, rumors claimed that TLC banned him from the Tell-All reunion taping of the show. And, from the leaked footage, you can clearly notice his absence among the cast members. All in all, from all that we have seen and come to know, it seems like Varya dodged a bullet when she refused to marry him.

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