Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

The documentary series, ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’, is the backstory of Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender who got away with his crimes for the longest time. In any case, what is also equally observable is the role of a particular someone who was with him throughout most of his endeavors. The initial focus was on Epstein, but since his death, the attention has been equally divided on his co-conspirators. 

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell, born in 1961, is the youngest daughter of Robert Maxwell, a former media tycoon. She attended Marlborough College and Balliol College. Maxwell and her father were known to be quite close. In the 1980s, she grew up as a British socialite and spent most of her time in London. In 1991, her father was found dead near the Canary Islands. Though it was ruled as an accidental drowning, Maxwell believed that her father was murdered. After his death, his fraudulent business ventures came to light. Two of her brothers were also arrested in connection to this fraud. 

In 1991, after Robert Maxwell’s death, Ghislaine moved to the US. Maxwell had met Jeffrey Epstein at a party in New York after her break up with Count Gianfranco Cicogna. She soon began a romantic relationship with him that lasted several years. Even though she has been close to him throughout, the nature of their relationship has been hard to grasp, considering her involvement in recruiting other young girls for Epstein. While some sources called her his girlfriend, Epstein has referred to her as his best friend too. In 2012, Maxwell founded the ‘The TerraMar Project, ’ which had to be closed in 2019 due to her alleged involvement in Epstein’s crimes. 

Maxwell has been closely associated with much of Epstein’s not so discreet sex scandal. Her friendship through Epstein with Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, etc., has stirred its own level of curiosity. In most of the victims’ accounts, Maxwell is predominantly mentioned, either as a fellow assaulter or in the capacity of a sex groomer. In the civil lawsuit by Virginia Robert Giuffre, it is stated that it was Maxwell who groomed her to serve sexual favors for Epstein and other important clients. This claim wouldn’t be a standalone one, as several others came out with similar stories of abuse. Giuffre and Maria Farmer have also spoken about how they were forced into sexual acts with both Epstein and Maxwell. 

In 2017, Sarah Ransome also came forward to file a suit that claimed that Maxwell had asked her to provide Epstein several ‘massages’ and threatened to destroy her career if she did not comply. It was followed by a multitude of other lawsuits. Maxwell has constantly refuted all these allegations. Even outside of lawsuits, many of Epstein’s survivors have in detail mentioned their encounters with Ghislaine Maxwell, and that doesn’t paint her favorably.

In July 2019, the United States Court of Appeals had sanctioned the unsealing of a civil lawsuit against Maxwell by Giuffre. Subsequently, she requested a rehearing, in an attempt to keep those documents sealed. Post Epstein’s death, both of their properties have been swarmed with reporters. Earlier this year, she refused to accept three lawsuits on Maxwell’s behalf. Allegations against her range from being a sex trafficking recruiter to sexual battery. 

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell Now?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s whereabouts have been a source of constant curiosity for everyone. She completely vanished from her social circle after 2016. After Epstein’s death, she disappeared without much of a trace. In 2019, there were reports of her living in Massachusetts, with Scott Borgerson, the CEO of CargoMetrics. He was spotted walking her dog. In addition, there were reports of them running together and being in a relationship. Apparently, she went by G instead of her real name. Later in the year, Borgerson said that Maxwell does not live with him anymore. 

She was also photographed eating at In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles, but its credibility has been widely speculated. In December 2019, The Sun was even willing to disclose a sum to those who had information about her whereabouts. In 2019, the FBI was apparently investigating her involvement in the case. In May 2020, she was granted temporary reprieve from answering questions in the lawsuit filed against her. This is only temporary as Maxwell will be called forth to testify to the allegations made against her. Even though the public is largely unaware of her current location, the government is believed to have knowledge of her whereabouts. (Feature Image Credit: Netflix)

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