Ghost Hunters Season 12: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘Ghost Hunters’, the paranormal reality TV series, that initially aired on SyFy from October 6, 2004, to October 26, 2016 and then later moved to A&E in 2019. The show chronicles the quest of two paranormal investigators, who explore supposedly haunted sites and attempt to solve the mysteries behind these claims. The show has seen a total of 11 successful seasons so far. Here’s everything we know about its next season.

Ghost Hunters Cast: Who is in it?

Grant Wilson returns to the rebooted version to reprise his role of the team lead and primary investigator. He is joined by an expert crew of six handpicked professionals who get an opportunity to use their rich experience in order to shed light on mysterious, unsolved incidents, involving supernatural phenomena.

If you are a fan of the parent series, you shall obviously recognize Grant — one of the most famous ghost hunters in history. He founded the The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) alongside Jason Hawes, his original partner on the series. He has also written six books, all of which explore the paranormal, and is currently married to Reanna. A talented musician, he loves playing the piano when he is not stressing over debunking horror myths.

Joining Grant is Daryl Marston, the co-lead investigator on the current show. He has been in this field for more than two decades and has, to date, scrutinized and solved over hundreds of cases. He landed in this sphere by pure coincidence while being employed as a contractor and exploring old homes and buildings in 2007. But Daryl soon got interested in delving into the supernatural and in 2011, formed his own team to examine private homes and historical sites. He also hosts a popular horror podcast called ‘American Ghost Hunter’ show.

Kristen Luman serves as another co-lead investigator on ‘Ghost Hunters’ and is a paranormal researcher by profession. With a degree in psychology, that specializes in parapsychology, she graduated from Portland State University. Her major role on the show is to interview witnesses, claiming to have been victims of supernatural experiences. Next is Brandon Alvis, a paranormal technician and a self-proclaimed “ghost geek.” He was compelled to dive deeper into understanding paranormal phenomena after he lost his two brothers. He has his own team, named the American Paranormal Research Association.

Mustafa Gatollari is a paranormal historian and acts as the site analyst for the team. Holding an experience of over a decade in the supernatural field, he seeks to help normal people understand these strange happenings. Brian Murray, also a paranormal investigator, aims “to search for answers to the unknown.” He has been involved in over 200 investigations to date and is the founder of his own crew, Riverbend Paranormal. Winding up the cast is Richel Stratton, a ghost-hunting fanatic, who has explored several mysterious sites, including Mineral Springs Hotel and the former psychiatric hospital Ashmore Estates.

Ghost Hunters Plot: What is it about?

‘Ghost Hunters’ follows Grant Wilson, and his team TAPS, as they investigate haunted sites with the help of electronic equipment that can detect supernatural activities. Each case shows the crew first arriving at the location and surveying it while discussing the paranormal experiences with the property’s owners. The group then installs the equipment at places which are believed to witness most of these unexplained happenings. After recording electromagnetic field and temperature readings, recording audio clips, and filming, they analyze the collected data to prove or debunk the claim.

In the rebooted version, this new team, under the leadership of Grant, travels around the country to investigate reported hauntings. Using forensic science, historical records, and advanced technology, the expert squad tries to help people struggling with the supernatural. With a firm aim to unravel the truth, this team of six will go to any lengths to offer relief to those plagued by paranormal activity. As they unearth new evidence and solve puzzling clues, they are determined to uncover these mysteries, regardless of what the aftermath may hold for them.

Ghost Hunters Season 12 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Ghost Hunters’ season 12 premieres on A&E on August 21, 2019, at 9 PM. The series has a total length of 20 episodes and is a part of the channel’s new focus on paranormal-related programming. Other titles include ‘Psychic Kids’ and ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’. As per Elaine Frontain Bryant, A&E Network’s executive vice president and head of programming, “A&E has been on the forefront of programming in the paranormal space and with that success, we have been eager to bring the genre back to the network for some time. Each of these series has a unique point of view, but will collectively give our audience a window into a world of spellbinding stories that have to be seen to be believed.”

‘Ghost Hunters’, during its initial run, received widespread acclaim and tremendous support from its fans. Now, with the arrival of its long-awaited reboot, it won’t come as a surprise if it gets recommissioned, yet again for multiple seasons. We shall revisit this section as soon as we learn more about its potential renewals.

Ghost Hunters Trailer:

Here is the official sneak peek for ‘Ghost Hunters’ season 12. Give it a watch to understand what to expect from the upcoming season.

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