Girls From Ipanema Season 3: Everything We Know

‘Girls From Ipanema’ (also called ‘Most Beautiful Thing’) is a Brazilian period drama, created by Giuliano Cedroni and Heather Roth. Set against the backdrop of 1950s Rio de Janeiro, the story is about a young woman’s search for her identity amidst the emergence of bossa nova in the city. Honoring the resilience of women from that era, it lends a deep look into the life of Malu, stuck between her conservative life in São Paulo and her dream for freedom in Rio. Lauded for its aesthetic beauty and character chemistry, the hit show was soon renewed for its second outing that dropped in June 2020. Now that season 2 has wrapped up, here’s what we know about ‘Girls From Ipanema’ season 3.

Girls From Ipanema Season 3 Release Date

‘Girls From Ipanema’ season 2 premiered on June 19, 2020, on Netflix, and consisted of six episodes. As of now, the streamer has not announced if the series will see another outing. But in terms of storyline, it manages to bring a major twist to the period drama genre. We have seen too many movies or shows that narrate the 1950s era in the UK or US. But ‘Girls From Ipanema’ focuses on Rio, a place which was more open in that era, in terms of women’s roles and sexuality. Noting this fresh premise, the series definitely deserves another season. Once that happens, we can expect ‘Girls From Ipanema’ season 3 to premiere sometime in June 2021.

Girls From Ipanema Season 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Season 2 sees the entire lead cast making a comeback from season 1. We have Maria Casadevall as the protagonist Malú aka Maria Luiza Carone, who navigates her dreams while juggling between her job and motherhood. Pathy Dejesus stars as Adélia Araújo, who is all geared up for her marriage but needs to get over her past and begin a fresh start. Mel Lisboa plays Thereza Soares, another woman who struggles to focus on her career because of her family duties.

Val Perré stars as Adélia’s father Duke while Larissa Nunes essays the role of Ivone, Adélia’s teenage sister. Rounding up the lead cast is Fernanda Vasconcellos as Lígia Soares, Leandro Lima as Chico, Ícaro Silva as Capitão, Alexandre Cioletti as Nelson Soares, Gustavo Vaz as Augusto Soares, and Gustavo Machado as Roberto. Season 3 is expected to see the entire main cast make their respective comebacks.

Girls From Ipanema Season 3 Plot: What Can it be About?

‘Girls From Ipanema’ starts off by following Malu, a privileged young woman who leaves Sao Paulo to open a restaurant with her husband in Rio de Janeiro. But when the latter leaves with all her money, Malu stays back to open her own bossa nova club in the flashy city. In season 2, the story expands to give equal importance to all the friends of Malu by chronicling their individual dreams and struggles. As these women navigate their paths toward achieving their goals, they build a beautiful bond among themselves. Of course, this journey can go on as there is no end to one’s dreams. Season 3 is expected to further follow the characters as they try to discover their identities in a male-dominated world.

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