When Will Glow Up Season 2 Premiere on Netflix?

Lights… Camera… Make-Up! Just add a little stroke of drama, contour it with creativity and give it a highlight of glamour. If you are wondering what happened to our language, well, we are practicing the new trend that is soon going to take over the millennial. Glow Up is a reality show that features aspiring make-up artists, who compete against each other to bring home the winner’s trophy.

Glow Up first premiered on BBC Three on March 6, 2019, for the UK Audience and then aired on Netflix in December 2019 for international audience.

Now, many of you might be wondering that why is there an entire show dedicated to make-up, after all, what is the competition in applying a lipstick? Well, of course, a majority of you must be putting at least some amount of make-up on an everyday basis and, it must seem very simple. But, if we were to oversimplify everything, ‘Masterchef’ would just be about reading a recipe and making the best scrambled egg in half-hour and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ would become a show just about moving your body in sync after tons of practice.

We all know that this is not how it works and so is the case with make-up as well. The MUAs in the show are some really talented people, who convert the skills of using make-up into art. They display their creativity and imagination most uniquely and leave the judges and the viewers all baffled.

The first season of the show left a good impression on viewers, especially women. Now the question is: will there be a Glow Up season 2? Well, we might have some good news for you, but first let’s quickly go over the details of the show.

Who’s the Host of Glow Up? Who Are the Judges?

Stacey Dooley hosts the show. Dooley is a renowned television presenter, documentary maker, journalist, and an active media personality. She has in the past worked in documentaries like ‘Sex in Strange Places’, ‘Child Labor’, ‘Migrant Kids in Crisis’, ‘New Drug Frontier’ and a lot more. When she is not addressing social issues from some really unconventional locations, she is seen winning shows like ‘Show Me What You’re Made Of’. From being tagged as the ‘White Savior’ to being questioned about her credentials as a ‘celebrity’, Dooley has experienced her share of fair controversies. But, regardless of that, her years of experience at hosting make her a great pick for Glow Up.

Dominic Skinner, a senior make-up artist at MAC Cosmetics, is one of the judges along with Val Garland. Val Garland is the senior make-up artist at L’oreal Paris and somewhat like a goddess to all the contestants. Whether it is her stern look or hint of a smile at something impressive, Garland’s demeanor will remind you of Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada in every way. Otherwise quiet, Garland will often be seen using the term ‘Ding Dong’ quite enthusiastically if the contestants succeed at impressing her.

Speaking of her venture in the show, she said, “I’m so very excited to be part of this brand new series, finding the next amazing talent of make-up artists,” and also warned, “What won’t impress me? Don’t give me diva, don’t give me attitude, don’t try to sell me something that I don’t believe in.”

Apart from the judges and the host, the show features budding MUAs, who are punky, creative and full of new ideas. Nikki, Tiffany, Brana, Dina, Paige, Leigh, Belinda, Mathieu, Steph, and Ellis are the 10 contestants competing in the show.

Glow Up Plot: What is it about?

We all have watched multiple make-up tutorials on the internet and tried to remember them by heart. We also must have tried those tutorials and while sometimes the eye-liner is truly on fleek, other times it’s just another disaster. Glow Up is one of the few shows that has taken the concept from young vloggers on the internet, who are staring right into their cameras with the highlight on point, and converted it into a television series.

The contestants in every episode have to clear multiple challenges. While the first half takes them to different locations for different actions – like at the backstage of a fashion week and a film studio for prosthetic, the second half is more of a timed challenge at the headquarters of Glow Up. The judges review the performances of every contestant, from their creativity on the given theme to their final execution, and finally, send home one contestant who does not match the bar. Each contestant gets a model and while putting makeup on them, they have to make sure they are bringing out the best features of their face.

The show offers a mixed bag of contestants belonging from different cultures and communities. From contestants neatly representing LGBTQ+ community to contestants coming from conventional backgrounds and trying to break stereotypes, we can find every kind of participant trying to create their mark in the make-up industry.

Glow Up Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Glow Up season 1 premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019. All the 8 episodes released on the same day. The show is full of pop culture references, new-age slang and heavy doses of glamour. So, if you are someone who has undying love for make-up and love the millennial lingo that’s hella lit AF, then Glow Up is the right choice for you.

The good news for the fans is that the show has already been commissioned for season 2 on BBC with host Stacey Dooley and judges Val Garland and Dominic Skinner. The participant list and premiere date however, are yet to be released. So, it is safe to say we will get to see Glow Up season 2 on Netflix very soon.

Our best guess is that Glow Up season 2 will release sometime in March 2020 on BBC and immediately afterwards in April 2020 on Netflix.

Glow Up Trailer

You can catch the trailer of Glow Up season 1 below

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