Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 6: Everything We Know

Created by Stanley Moore and Alex Woo, Netflix’s ‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’ is a preschool series that follows Cory, an orange little car, and its family of diverse and colorful vehicles. His mother is a blue coupe, his father is a wood-paneled sedan, and his little sister is a tiny green car. Together, they put up in Bumperton Hills in a society of talking cars as structured as that of humans.

The show is originally based on the Go! Go! Smart Wheels line of toy vehicles manufactured by VTech, and this anthropomorphic portrayal of Cory has become a huge hit among children who may or may not be familiar with the toy brand. After spanning five short but impactful seasons, ‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’ is likely to return with another edition. In that case, here is everything we know about a potential sixth season!

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 6 Release Date

‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’ season 5 released in its entirety on August 17, 2021, on Netflix. The current season has 17 episodes, with each one having a runtime of around 10 minutes. Like its predecessors, the fifth season highlights a variety of social concepts ranging from education to the anxieties we commonly deal with, even if the world of Cory Carson is dominated by a school of cars.

With regards to the sixth season, here’s what we know. Netflix has not released any news about its renewal as of now. However, the audience demand for ‘Go! Go! Cory Carson!’ is 1.7 times the demand of the average TV series in the United States based on a monthly report that was conducted. Since the show has clearly been faring well, the network will most probably roll out another season.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that cars have always been popular among children and can swiftly capture their limited attention span. Hence, Pixar alums Alex Woo and Stanley Moore came up with this preschool animated kids series based on the Go! Go! Smart Wheels toys from VTech Electronics. Taking a break from the mainstream rush-inducing genre associated with cars, the creators took a fresh approach to that universe and decided to focus on concepts like friends and family.

Woo stated that they had never seen a show about vehicles that was about an entire family or what it means to be a kid. They henceforth got really excited about curating a world that put more emphasis on family experience and that is how ‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’ came into existence. Moreover, this project is hugely personal for both Woo and Moore because they used to recall their own childhood stories during the filming of the show.

The primary agenda was to create something that speaks to both parents and children. And the creators have ultimately succeeded in building that. Hence, the show is most likely to come back. Considering the release pattern of the previous seasons, we expect ‘Go! Go! Cory Carson!’ season 6 to release in December 2021 or January 2022.

Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 6 Plot: What Can it Be About?

In the season five ending, Cory, Freddie, and Halle join hands to face the rest of the class in a game of “capture the flag” during recess. The spirit of competition is at an all-time high as both parties try to outsmart each other but as soon as the bell rings, they all realize that it is time for class and willingly leave the flag behind. This implies that the kids are disciplined when it comes to schoolwork and life in general. The sixth season will similarly have more lessons to impart on what it means to be a child constantly exploring the highs and lows of life.

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