Gold Rush Parker’s Trail Season 5: The Complete Details

Have you heard about the legendary Klondike Trail? Well, between 1896 and 1899, more than a million of gold seekers traveled on the perilous frozen path that led to the Klondike Gold Rush Trail. While several could not make it to the end due to attacks by wild bears, treacherous terrain, raging torrents, and freezing temperatures, a brave few could complete the quest.

In ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ season 1, Parker Schnabel, along with Rick Ness, embark on this same trail. They go via the Chilkoot Pass and up the Yukon River to Dawson City — which is the heart of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush.

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ first premiered on Discovery on March 24, 2017. The second season released on March 23, 2018, while the third came on the air in April 2019. Owing to the tremendous response from fans, the series was renewed for another season, which landed in March 2020. Here is everything we know about ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Season 5.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 5 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Season 4 premiered on March 13, 2020, on the Discovery Channel. It wrapped up with its finale on May 3, 2020.

You might know this, but the first season of this show ranked as the most-watched new unscripted series on cable among men aged 25-54 during the year, 2017. While the ratings of the show have since then dipped a little, it is still a staple on the channel, considering the popularity of the entire ‘Gold Rush’ franchise. Hence, we won’t be surprises if Discovery renews the show for yet another season. If that happens, we can expect ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Season 5 to premiere sometime in March 2021.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 5 Cast: Who Can be in it?

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ season 1 features Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness as the leading stars. Schnabel, who is a producer, is also known for ‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ and ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’. Ness, on the other hand, is a capable excavator and rock-truck operator. The duo is accompanied by survival expert and wilderness guide Karla Ann and adventure cameraman Sam Brown.

In season 4, Parker is joined by gold miner and prospecting expert, Tyler Mahoney. She is a fourth-generation Australian gold miner and knows every nook and corner of Australia’s vast goldfields. Accompanying them is cameraman Danny Etheridge and former US military medic and communications specialist, Fred Lewis. Season 5 will definitely see Parker Schnabel making a comeback. He might be accompanied by a fresh crew of local experts, depending on which site he decides to explore next.

What Can Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 5 be About?

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ is a spin-off of the original ‘Gold Rush’ series, which is one of the longest-running shows on Discovery. The reality show follows Parker and his team as they embark on the most treacherous trails in the search for gold.

For example, in season 1, Parker and his three mates attempt the Klondike trail of 1897. Traveling across 600 miles of mountains, lakes, rivers, and frozen wilderness, they first pay tribute to the legends before them and set out on their quest, somewhere in the late winter season (which is a bit dangerous).

The episodes follow them as they reach a location that is 50 miles from their destination, the 600-mile trail. However, since the water is freezing almost every minute, they need to hunt for food as their resources are slowly depleting as well. Their journey is met with disruptions when Parker falls into freezing water and faces hypothermia, almost bringing the team to the brinks of disaster. Later, the friends relive the toughest journey of their lives, while discussing the struggles, conflicts, and secrets that came their way during those perilous moments.

Season 2 follows Parker and his companions as they embark on another trail to the forests of Guyana, South America. However, when a sudden water hose leaves him injured, native miners refuse to lease him the required ground, and he faces a tough choice — whether to go back or continue. Well, he chooses the latter option and continues to find the virgin gold claim, while struggling through dense and dangerous jungles, where they come face to face with the most dangerous predators, including caimans, jaguars, spiders, snakes, and even piranhas.

The crew, on the way, gathers the required know-how about local mining techniques, as they pass raging rapids and treacherous waterfalls to reach their destination — “Mountain of Gold.” Finally, after narrowly escaping the jungles of Guyana, the entire team reminisces about their experiences, which include deadly wildlife, physical ailments, and extreme weather.

The third installment also revolves around Parker and his friends, who during this season, travel to Papua New Guinea in the search of new treasures. This time, he flies a remodeled Avenger warplane with an aim to retrace his Grandpa John’s experience during WWII. The team also chooses a new recruit in place of Ness and along their journey, meets a clan of natives, wielding machetes. This ordeal, however, prepares them for the tough adventures ahead.

After a challenging trek, they reach a network of zigzag tunnels from the times of WWII. Teasing danger, reward, and more adventure, ‘Gold Rush Parker’s Trail’ Season 3 takes viewers through the grueling terrains of Papua New Guinea. The team is forced to explore their capabilities which surpass all limits, they need to battle the most treacherous landscapes and the potential native threats.

In season 4, we follow Parker and his crew as they head to Australia, one of the largest gold-producing nations in the world. Amidst the brutal landscape, the team battles the deadliest snakes, saltwater crocodiles, and spiders as they dig deeper into Australia’s gold mining industry. They cover a huge area, crossing over 6,000 total miles, in order to follow the historic gold rush trail that commenced in 1851.

Season 5 should feature a different excavation site and continue to follow the crew as they navigate further into its depths in search of gold deposits.

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