Gold Rush S10 E17: When and Where to Watch?

In last week’s episode of Gold Rush, i.e episode 15, we witnessed Rick doing the unimaginable. Titled ‘And There Was One’, its official synopsis goes as follows: “The mining season is nearly over, and Rick Ness and his crew are making up for the lost time. Plus, Tony goes off the beaten track in his search for gold.”

The episode follows Rick as he runs his washplant at maximum speed. The results not only surprise us but shock him as well. After that, Rick and his team do the strenuous job of moving their washplant with their bare hands. On the other hand, Tony faces some serious trouble after he goes back to operation one.

This week’s episode 16 is called ‘Parker Doubles Down’, which is soon to be followed by another new episode in the coming week. We will now get into the details of the forthcoming episode. Read on to know when and where ‘Gold Rush’ season 10 episode 17 will be available for viewers.

Gold Rush Season 10 Episode 17 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Gold Rush’ season 10 episode 17 is slated to premiere on Friday, February 7, 2020, at 8 PM ET on Discovery Channel.

Season 10, since its launch, has followed a weekly airing schedule, releasing one episode every Friday, apart from the one-week break it had taken during the December 2019 holiday season.

Where to Watch Gold Rush Season 10 Episode 17 Online?

You can catch the latest episodes of ‘Gold Rush’ season 10 on tv as and when they air on Discovery, by tuning in at 8 PM ET each Friday. You can avail this service by opting for a cable subscription. The next option is to catch all the aired episodes on Discovery’s official website, as well as, the Discovery Go app.

Live-streaming is also an alternative for many cord-cutters. Without a cable subscription, you can stream the show on Fubo TV, YouTube, and SlingTV — via any of your devices, which include iOS and Android, Macs and PCs, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Chromecast.

Already aired episodes, as well as, seasons are available on Hulu. The final alternative is Amazon Prime Video. On this platform, you can either purchase an individual episode or buy an entire season.

Gold Rush Season 10 Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 is titled ‘Parker Doubles Down’. The official synopsis by Discovery describes it as follows: “Parker makes a big move to double his output and bring in more gold. The Beets’ face catastrophe when their only remaining operation grinds to a halt. Just as Rick gets Monster Red dialed in, huge rocks threaten to shut him down for good.”

What happens is, Parker is seen on full form in this episode. He is all set to start his second washplant. We also see the machine being used in this week’s episode. Unfortunately, Tony and Rick deal with more mechanical failures. The season seems to be going really bad for Tony as he had faced a major setback in episode 15 as well. Parker is extremely overjoyed as it seems the season is proving to be a profitable one for him.