Gold Rush Season 12 Episode 10 Release Date, Time and Spoilers

In this week’s episode of ‘Gold Rush’ season 12, Big Red and Sluicifer were used to collect the gold as Parker hoped for the best. Rick Ness struggled to keep his washplant intact, as a result of which clean-up couldn’t procure much gold. Fred Lewis’ operation had a lot of shortcomings, as pointed out by Freddy and Juan. The recap section will enlighten you in case you haven’t watched the episode. Now, let’s take a look at what to expect from episode 10!

Gold Rush Season 12 Episode 10 Release Date

‘Gold Rush’ season 12 episode 10 is slated to premiere on November 26, 2021, at 8 pm ET on Discovery Channel. The twelfth season follows a weekly airing schedule, releasing one episode every Friday.

Where to Watch Gold Rush Season 12 Episode 10 Online?

You can catch ‘Gold Rush’ season 12 episode 10 on TV when it airs on Discovery by tuning in at the above-mentioned time slot. The other option is to catch the latest episode on Discovery’s official website, as well as the Discovery Go app. Live-streaming is also an alternative for cord-cutters, who can stream the show on DirecTVFubo TVYouTube TVSling TVPhilo TV, and Xfinity.

Already released episodes, as well as seasons, are available to stream on Hulu. Another option is to watch the show on-demand on iTunesVuduMicrosoft StoreSpectrumGoogle Play, and Amazon Prime Video. On these platforms, you can either purchase an individual episode or buy an entire season.

Gold Rush Season 12 Episode 10 Spoilers

In episode 10, a recently paroled animal trainer will join the team, although it is not known why the miners will need his help. Known as the Tiger King of the Klondike, he might have tricks up his sleeve, which will be revealed next week. As usual, the upcoming episode will feature the miners continuing to test their washplants, hoping to hit gold.

Gold Rush Season 12 Episode 9 Recap

The eighth episode, titled ‘Saving Rick’s Bacon,’ opens with Tyson at the airstrip cut setting up Big Red. The 750 was used to drag the machine into position, after which they dug through a berm to create a new pond. Then they proceeded to weigh their gold. Big Red finally found 263.8 ounces, and Sluicifer found 208.75 ounces, much to Parker’s relief. At Rick Ness’ territory, there was a gap between the water and the prewash as the water flooded out. The two nine-inch steel pins that held them together fell apart. Although they replaced the nails, the holes in the screen deck started to let rocks through.

The holes were then covered with steel plates right before clean-up produced around 40 ounces, which raised a concern about their existing washplant. Rick didn’t get his washplant Monster Red, the one he spent the entire off-season upgrading. Freddy and Juan then assessed Fred Lewis’ operation and pointed a few shortcomings, such as the size of his ponds, the placement of the road, and the way the washplant was assembled. The pair got down to work and fixed everything, as Fred’s team observed. A test pan then found multiple flakes of gold.

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