Gone Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

Cop procedurals are possibly the most ambiguous grey area when it comes to the general qualitative consensus in all of true crime as a genre – if we count non-fictional true crime in the same equation, of course. Even though there are a number of documentary true crime shows that have the ammunition to air for years on end by weaving together a plethora of various case file studies further woven together by some common theme or trait, they still get the benefit of the doubt in terms of quality because their readily available, steady stream of material requires them to be only marginally good with its handling of the subject in order for the show to strike a safe spot in terms of ratings.

Cop procedurals are a different story altogether. Granted, they still have the refuge of having a common premise of police work that they only need emulate, or get inspiration in their plots from real-life cases and events – but having to be bound in police work also makes them more likely to go wrong, churning out episodes that elicit more tedium than they do plot intrigue. They all eventually have to fight the pitfalls of having a generic episode-to-episode structure laid out, and the difficulties of averting tropes that are almost universal pet peeves for the expectant audience, namely, for example, a squadron of regular cops being shoehorned by the plot framework to be in charge of cases that demand the attention of higher office, including crises that can put national security on high alert (a problem very evident even in so-called successful cop procedurals like Castle and Hawaii-5).

Fortunately, a few shows deal with these issues in their own ways – Matt Lopez’ creation, ‘Gone’ is saved from the dangers of the generic cop drama by virtue of being adapted from a novel, for example. Although marketed as a ‘WGN original’, it was produced by different networks in France (TF1) and Germany (VOX) and aired originally in 2017 on Universal Channel (Australia). Gone hit the screens in the US on Feb 27, 2019 on WGN America.

Gone Cast: Who’s in it?

The show stars Laven Rambin as Kit Lannigan (‘Kick’) and Chris Noth as agent Novak. Although the plot for the second season remains to be known, we can be all but certain that both of these characters will be present and both Laven and Chris will be returning in their respective roles, alongside Danny Pino as John Bishop and Tracie Thoms as Maya Kennedy.

Gone Plot: What is it about?

While being an adaptation does restrict the freedom the scriptwriters could take, it was also in many ways the saving grace that made ‘Gone’ stand out from the dime-a-dozen cop procedurals that seem to get produced almost on a whim these days. The plot is based on ‘The Kick’, a novel by American author and columnist Chelsea Cain. It follows Kit Lannigan (‘Kick’), an FBI special task force operative working under Frank Novak, a dedicated unit that solves cases involving missing persons. Having spent 5 years in captivity as a victim of child abduction and being rescued by Frank Novak eventually, Lannigan spends the rest of her years honing her skills as a martial artist in an attempt to get accustomed to the change in lifestyle and deal with her aggression. Through her unique perspective on missing-persons cases and deep insight into the psychology of kidnappers and their victims, Novak cracks into an active network of child traffickers that brings Lannigan face to face with Mel Foster, the rumoured head of the network responsible for her abduction.

Gone Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Gone season 1 premiered on Feb 27, 2019 on WGN America. Since the production of Gone is already a cross-country affair, having aired by 2018 in France, Germany, and Australia, it is less likely to get cancelled than even a subpar performance in the ratings warrants. But it has not been officially renewed in almost two years, and there have not been any updates on a new season on the producers’ or network’s account till date.

Fans can keep their fingers crossed as they wait for announcements which we hope will be made in the next few months. Our best guess is that Gone season 2 can release sometime in 2020.

Gone Trailer:

It appears the production for a follow-up season might not have started yet in any capacity and hence there are no trailers or teasers hinting at the future of the show. Although the wait for further updates on a new season has already been exceedingly long, you might want to get up to date with what the show is like beforehand. Below is the first look into the debut season from WGN. Meanwhile watch reruns of the debut season – which is bound to happen as the show is on the air in several different networks, including VOX, TF1, and WGN itself. It can also be streamed on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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