Good Girls Season 3 Finale: Release Date & Streaming Details

Some shows are as good as their antagonists. And in ‘Good Girls’, we cannot help but root for the sleek, suave villain, Rio. However, the promos that had been floating around before this week’s episode had fans nervously awaiting the arrival of the insane pre-finale. Does Beth finally get Rio killed? We hope not but you can find out the complete details in our recap section.

Now, if you are already done watching episode 10, here’s the sad part. ‘Good Girls’ season 3 is ending next week. But still, we have one more episode left to wrap up another crazy outing from the series. Read on to know when ‘Good Girls’ season 3 finale will premiere on NBC.

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11 Release Date

‘Good Girls’ Season 3 Episode 11 is scheduled to release on May 3, 2020, at 10 p.m ET & 9 p.m CT on NBC. It is called ‘Synergy’.

The official synopsis for the finale goes as follows: “Beth and Dean offer to buy Four Star Pool and Spa from Gayle; Dean is determined to make it a legitimate business; tensions rise between Ruby and Stan, culminating in the trio making a drastic decision; Phoebe gets even closer to cracking the case.”

You can also watch its promo below:

Where to Stream Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11 Online?

First things first. The best way to catch up on ‘Good Girls’ season 3 episode 11 is to tune in to NBC on your tv screens at the above time slot via a cable subscription. The second option is to watch the last episode online on the official NBC website.

Another alternative for those planning to ditch cable is to live-stream ‘Good Girls’ on YouTube TV, Directv, Sling TV, or FuboTV if you have their paid subscription. Finally, season one can be binged on Hulu. All the released episodes are also available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 10 Recap:

Episode 10 starts off with the women awaiting the hit on Rio to go as planned. Ruby says that she wants to be a good person again and Beth quips, “Just some normal mothers with their lucrative side hustle. Minus the serial-killing, extortionist psychopath.” On the other hand, Agent Donnegan is investigating who could be behind the salon heist.

After the planned hit is presumedly over, Beth opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate — and at that moment, she is interrupted. Guess who? Well, it’s Rio. The ladies then visit their gunman James Fitzpatrick and ask him why he failed in his mission. He tells them that he does not do deals with clients who are not honest with him. According to him, one of the girls has had a fling with Rio and it’s not his business to handle “jilted lovers”.

Beth decides to visit James again and hands him a wad of cash. James reveals that he knows all the times when Rio is alone. He gives her a scheduled time and informs her that he will text her the address later. Beth then teams up with James in an abandoned apartment. They are on the lookout when Rio’s car appears and James signals: “Say when.” After a moment of contemplation, she replies: “Do it. Now.” He fires the shot and when Beth looks through the microscope, she realizes that James was carrying a paintball gun. And the man in the car was not even Rio. But James admits that Beth is back on track and he will put her on the schedule.

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