When Does ‘Good Girls’ S03 Release on Netflix?

Good Girls‘ is about a heist gone wrong. The crime comedy series follows three mothers from the Michigan suburbs. Two of these women are sisters, and they all have something in common. The women are tired of having everything taken away from them in life, and decide to turn their own luck around.

They go on a heist, robbing a supermarket. However, the women come to realize they have bitten off more than they can chew. To compound the problem, their robbery attracts the attention of the store manager, who recognizes one of the women, for a reason which is very different from the money they have stolen.

‘Good Girls’ is currently on Season 3, and you might be wondering about when it is headed to Netflix. After all the premiere streaming platform remains a favorite among numerous viewers, who prefer to have their content in one place. Don’t worry, we have got you covered about when ‘Good Girls’ Season 3 will release on Netflix. Read on.

Good Girls Season 3 Netflix Release Date:

Firstly, let us allay your fears by confirming that ‘Good Girls’ Season 3 is indeed heading to Netflix. However, when it arrives on the streaming platform is a different matter. As of now, there is no official announcement about when the new season will head to the streaming platform.

Over the seasons, the NBC show has followed a particular pattern, which allows us to predict rather accurately when ‘Good Girls’ Season 3 can be streamed on Netflix. Season 1 released in February 2018 and ran till April 2018. The season became available on Netflix, at the start of January 2019, specifically January 1st. Similarly, Season 2 released in March 2019 and ran until May 2019. Eventually, it made its way to Netflix on January 1, 2020.

Now that we have an established pattern, we can pinpoint that ‘Good Girls’ season 3, which started airing on February 16, 2020, will release on Netflix on January 1, 2021. At that time, all the episodes will be made available for streaming at once.

While this wraps up the release date for Netflix subscribers in the US, international subscribers might be wondering about when you can stream ‘Good Girls’ Season 3 on Netflix. Well, there is no weekly release schedule for the show on Netflix. Instead, it will be made available for streaming once the entire season is over. We already know that Season 3 is longer than the first two, with 16 episodes. Thus, the show is expected to wrap up by June 2020.

It took Season 1 sometime before it arrived on Netflix in July 2018, while Season 2 was added almost immediately after the season finale aired. It arrived on Netflix internationally, on May 31, 2019. Going by this pattern, one might expect Season 3 of ‘Good Girls’ to become available on Netflix internationally, in June or July 2020.

With NBC releasing its own streaming service, called Peacock, some viewers are wondering if ‘Good Girls’ will be leaving Netflix. At this moment, it seems likely that the show will continue on the current streaming platform, but ‘Good Girls’ might leave somewhere down the line, and be made available exclusively on Peacock.

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