Good Witch Season 7 Episode 9: What to Expect?

In ‘Good Witch’ season 7 episode 8, Daniel sets up a new job prospect for his brother Donovan but taking it up would mean moving to a different area which could hamper his relationship with Abigail. Speaking of which, Abigail’s rivalry with Flower Universe continues, and Martha also gets roped into it. If you haven’t watched the previous episode, you can check out the recap section. Now, you can take a look at the details for ‘Good Witch’ season 7 episode 9!

Good Witch Season 7 Episode 9 Release Date

‘Good Witch’ season 7 episode 9 will release on July 18, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Hallmark. The show usually airs new episodes every week, and each one has a runtime of around 48 minutes.

Where to Watch Good Witch Season 7 Episode 9 Online?

You can watch ‘Good Witch’ season 7 episode 9 live as and when it airs by tuning in to Hallmark at the above-mentioned timeslot. Live streaming options are available on DirecTVFubo TVPhilo TV, and Sling TV, where previous seasons can also be streamed. You can additionally buy/rent the episodes on VOD services such as iTunesApple TVVudu, and Amazon Prime Video. Netflix currently has the first five seasons of the show that you can watch here if you’re a subscriber of the streaming giant.

Good Witch Season 7 Episode 9 Spoilers

In the ninth episode of ‘Good witch’ season 7, titled ‘The Search,’ the sisters will be unable to use their abilities to their full potential. Besides that, Cassie will be forced to deal with a crucial moment in her past. In the next episode, we might finally see Abigail and Donovan set a date for their wedding, and Daniel also might have some unexpected news to share. Up until this point, we have seen the Merriwicks search far and wide for the missing amulet, but Sam will suggest looking at Grey House and will call upon the sisters’ help. This will bring shocking revelations to the surface! Here’s a promo for the episode 9!

Good Witch Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

In episode 8, titled ‘The Sprint,’ the Merriwick cousins try to find the location of the amulet. Sam is anxious about being back, and Cassie’s absence does not help his case. He also might end up overworking himself, so Grant wants to make sure he doesn’t bite what he can’t chew. It’s Martha and Tom’s anniversary, and they search for ways to surprise each other. Elsewhere, Daniel entertains the thought of his brother taking over the district’s state senator seat, which could oblige them to transfer to Springfield.

Joy and Zoey, in the meantime, are excited about their second date, but the latter gets an emergency call from Apple Valley, which derails their plans. Meanwhile, Stephanie wants to chase her dreams and enroll in the academy. Flower Universe offers Abigail a deal 30% lower than the initial rate because she has done a horrible job in keeping customers. When Donovan seeks advice from his mother, she suggests that he should not take up a job if it means staying away from Abigail.

Donovan’s mother further mentions David and Dotty’s long-distance marriage as an example. Donovan is stunned to hear that. Furthermore, Samantha opens up about her trust issues to George while Martha comes to an understanding with both Abigail and Flower Universe as they both needed her workspace to set up shop. As Sam enters the bistro, Cassie confronts him about his habit of pushing himself too far, and Charlotte owns up to her mistake of being emotionally unavailable to her friends.

In the end, Donovan refuses to take up his new job offer. Although the situation is settled, for now, he will soon be running for governor, which might again put him in a dilemma. The Merriwicks are slowly fading out because a plant in the botanical gardens is beginning to die. Once the red haloed moon touches the sky, they’ll be obliterated. Adam and Stephanie are still trying to know what their friendship means to both of them.

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