Gossip Girl Episode 7: What to Expect?

After last week’s light-hearted Halloween-themed episode, ‘Gossip Girl‘ reboot returns to its scandalous and seditious storylines in episode 6. The episode shows Zoya and Obie’s relationship hitting a roadblock while Julien tries to take things to the next level with her brand. There’s plenty of other exciting developments in this week’s episodes, and you can catch up on them in the recap section below. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s in store for ‘Gossip Girl’ episode 7.

Gossip Girl Episode 7 Release Date

‘Gossip Girl’ episode 7 currently does not have an official release date, but HBO Max has said that the series will return in November 2021. The show’s debut season comprises twelve episodes with a runtime of approximately 60 minutes each.

Where To Stream Gossip Girl Episode 7 Online?

Subscribers can stream ‘Gossip Girl’ episode 7 online on HBO Max (once it is available). You can also choose to watch the new episode on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spectrum, DirecTV, YouTube TV, and Xfinity, provided you have added the HBO Max add-on to your packages.

Gossip Girl Episode 7 Spoilers

‘Gossip Girl’ episode 7 will delve into the aftermath of the events at the protest. Aki’s dad warns him to stay away from Julien for a while. We could learn more about the motivation behind that warning. Aki’s dad could once again be using his son for his own benefit. Meanwhile, things are likely going to become more complicated between Aki, Audrey, and Max. Rafa now has access to the Gossip Girl Instagram account, and he could pose a threat to Max as well as Kate and the other teachers. Julien and Obie could get back together, leaving Zoya heartbroken.

Gossip Girl Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ focuses on Zoya and Obie, who are slowly drifting apart from each other. Zoya feels like Obie has better chemistry with Julien and has lost interest in her. When Zoya learns that Obie’s mom is in town, she goes to meet her. Zoya finds out that Obie hasn’t told his mom about her. Obie’s mom invites Zoya to a dinner. Julien advises Zoya to attend the dinner and charm everyone there.

Audrey has been worrying about her mom and practically lives in the hospital. Max and Aki try to support her. Rafa tries to blackmail Max into sleeping with him, but Max refuses. Rafa then teams up with Kate to gain access to the Gossip Girl account. Zoya arrives at the dinner where Aki’s mom and dad, Aki, Audrey, Obie’s mom, and Obie are also present. Julien convinces her dad that she can turn her brand into a full-time career.

At the dinner, Zoya questions the business practices of Obie’s mom and Aki’s dad. She tries to get Obie to take a stand, but he acts differently in front of his mom. Audrey accidentally reveals that Aki is bisexual. Aki’s dad uses the news to gain the upper hand in a lawsuit accusing his company of being homophobic. In the end, Obie and Zoya argue about their differences.

The next day, Obie attends a protest against a project overseen by his mom. Julien comes to support Obie, and Zoya sees them together. She asks Julien if she still has feelings for Obie. Julien says yes, and Zoya leaves. The protest begins to get violent, and Julien and Obie manage to escape. The episode ends with Obie kissing Zoya.

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