10 Great Movies You Won’t Believe Are on the IMDb Top 250 List

We have done two listicles on the IMDb top 250 list. One on the movies that don’t deserve to be on the IMDb list, and the second on the movies that deserve to be on the list, but aren’t. Today’s list is completely different. In this list, we are going to talk about 10 great movies that have no business being in a populist list like IMDb’s but still have somehow found a place on it. Why? One has to always remember that a list like IMDb top 250 is completely decided by votes of normal filmgoers. I am sure many of those voters are serious movie lovers, but most of them watch movies for entertainment. So, for a movie like ‘A Separation’, which is completely an art house film, to exist on it is shocking. Actually, the inclusion of all the 10 movies listed below is surprising (despite the fact that they completely deserve their place).

Here are the 10 great movies you won’t believe are on the IMDb top 250 list.


10. The Hunt (2012)

‘The Hunt’ is a devastating story that unfolds in a manner that you least expect. It starts innocuously but slowly turns into a gripping thriller-drama where your own conscience and judgment will be tested. Very few films are made with the intention to question the moral judgment of the audiences themselves. ‘The Hunt’ is one such rare film that will make you think and question while you remain on the edge of your seat. Yes, ‘The Hunt’ is a riveting watch, but it is not also everyone’s cup of tea.


9. The Lives of Others (2006)

The first time I watched ‘The Lives of Others’, I was surprised and devastated in equal measure. This film is not just a suspenseful drama, but a scathing commentary on the voyeuristic society that we live in — and the pitfalls associated that come with it. The moral positions that as an audience you may be forced to take is what is so fascinating and great about the film. While the ending of the film will leave you shell-shocked, the deft handling of such a material by first-time director Florian Donnersmarck is awe-striking. As great ‘The Lives of Others’ is, I am pleasantly surprised to find it on the IMDb list.


8. Persona (1966)


The first of three Ingmar Bergman movies of this list, ‘Persona’ is a really dark film. It is difficult to add a film like ‘Persona’ in any genre-based lists because of the sheer depths and ambiguities of the themes dealt in the film. ‘Persona’ is a film that is open to numerous interpretations and is still widely discussed, debated and analyzed by critics, scholars, and cinephiles across the world. The film tells the story of two women, a nurse and her mute patient and the eerie bonding of their strange personas. The film explores human identity, blurs and shakes our perceptions of dreams and reality and plunges into the deepest and darkest aspects of the complex human psyche and the bizarre fantasies that encompass it. ‘Persona’ is a profoundly intimate and personal experience and is a pure piece of cinematic poetry.


7. Requiem For a Dream (2000)

‘Requiem For A Dream’ is a movie-viewing experience that you may never have had before — and never will. How drugs destroy four lives who aspire to be great — but succumb to addictions — may seem to be a simple enough premise, but it is the innovative and bold story-telling of Aronofsky that stands out and takes this film to the heights of greatness. Also, few movies have such devastatingly affecting ending as this film does. It is a brutal, hard-to-watch film and therefore, it is hugely surprising to see it on the IMDb list.


6. City of God (2002)

Brutal, in-your-face and breathing with raw energy and passion, ‘City of God’ is a ferociously powerful work that freezes your nerves with its uncompromising forthrightness. I was astonished and captivated by the sheer audacity of the film and it hooked me up for almost 3 hours straight despite the film having almost no likable characters and being replete with violent and spine-chilling moments of pure blood and gore. That’s why it is even more surprising how the film managed to break into IMDb top 250. ‘City of God’ is as riveting and exciting as cinema can get. I am glad that IMDb users know that.