When Will Greenhouse Academy S04 Release?

Greenhouse Academy Season 4

‘Greenhouse Academy’ is a teenage mystery series that follows the adventures of brother-sister duo Alex and Hayley Woods, who enroll in an elite boarding school, and embroil themselves in the mystery surrounding their mother’s death. Based on the award-wining Israeli series ‘Ha-Hamama’ AKA ‘The Greenhouse,’ both the versions have been created by Israeli screenwriter Giora Chamizer. Upon its Netflix debut on September 8, 2017, the show scored mixed reviews, mostly negative, from the critics as well as the audiences.

However, over the course of three seasons, it has managed to reserve a seat in the unusual category of “So bad, it’s good,” and continues to boast an ardent fan-base. Because of which, Netflix renewed the show for a fourth season in July 2018. In case you’re wondering about the release date and other details of ‘Greenhouse Academy’ season 4, here’s everything we know.

Greenhouse Academy Season 4 Release Date

‘Greenhouse Academy’ season 4 is all set to release in its entirety on March 20, 2020, on Netflix. We expect season 4 to have eight hour-long episodes, just like season 3.

Greenhouse Academy Season 4 Cast: Who is in it?

The show features a cast comprising fresh faces. Almost all the main cast members are expected to be back for season 4.

The returning cast of season 4 includes – Finn Roberts as Haley’s emotional but sharp-witted brother Alex Woods; Chris O’ Neal as Daniel Hayward, Cinthya Carmona as Sophie Cardona, Benjamin Papac as Max Mille, BJ Mitchell as Parker Grant, Parker Stevenson as Louis Osmond, Nadine Ellis as Judy Hayward, and Rafael Cebrian as Enzo. Ishai Golan and Selina Giles are set to return as Hayley and Alex’s parents, FBI Agent Carter Woods and Ryan Woods, respectively.

Grace Van Dien played Brooke Osmond in seasons 1 and 2 but was replaced by Danika Yarosh from season 3 onwards. Aviv Buchler was replaced by Dana Melanie, who essays the role of Emma Geller since the third season. Both the actors will reprise their roles in season 4. After the season 3 ending, the fate of Ariel Mortman and Dallas Hart’s characters is up in the air.

Greenhouse Academy Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 3 ends on an intense cliffhanger. In the finale, we see Hayley pressing against a planted bomb that has the potential to go off, the moment she lifts her leg. Hayley asks Leo to get out of there, who refuses. After a lot of back and forth, Leo reluctantly runs off thinking Hayley is going to follow him, and she does, but the bomb goes off in a few seconds, leaving Hayley trapped in the rubble. After escaping, Leo is injured by the explosion, and his veins appear to be infected by poison. Here’s a quick recap!


Season 4 will pick up right from the season 3 ending. Leo and Hayley are hanging on for dear life after the explosion. It is possible that fellow students might rescue Leo if they manage to arrive on time. Although Hayley is trapped inside the wreckage, there’s a chance she can still come out alive but gravely injured. In season 4, we can expect to see a lot more of Becca. As for Sophie, we can learn about her dark past, which might confirm that she isn’t as idyllic as she portrays herself to be. Season 4 might also showcase the changes that will take place in Greenhouse Academy after Ryan Woods’ election as the new Headmaster.

Greenhouse Academy Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Greenhouse Academy’ season 4!

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