When Will Growing Up Hip Hop: New York Season 2 Premiere On WE Tv?

The hip-hop culture originated in Bronx, New York by African, Latino and Caribbean Americans and has ever since then, created an unstoppable storm in the world. The different forms of hip-hop – musical, graffiti, break-dancing, beat-boxing and rapping have collectively created a loyal fan base all over. The culture has gained popularity in the media for as long as we can remember. The television industry, over the last few decades, has accepted hip-hop as one of the most vital sources to engage and attract the viewers. BET was one of the earliest networks to feature mostly hip-hop songs, but over the years, channels like MTV and VH1 joined the club as well.

This global phenomenon of today is what it is, because of the brilliant, talented artists that have added insanely to the aesthetics of the culture. From iconic artists like Dr. Dre and Eminem to relatively newer names like Nicki Minaj and Drake, all have influenced and inspired the audience on more levels than one.

To take the legacy of the popularity forward, WE Tv came up with its new show called ‘Growing Up Hip Hop‘. The franchise, after its remarkable success, launched its third installment, Growing Up Hip Hop: New York. The show premiered on August 29, 2019, and is a reality television series that features the chronicles of the kids of popular hip-hop artists.

Over the last few years, nepotism has been a taboo in the industry whose consequences are faced by many star-kids as well as non star-kids. The struggle to prove your individual identity regardless of the family you come from, is very real. Growing Up Hip Hop: New York allows these artists to come out from the shadow of their famous parents and show the world their true and raw potential.

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York Cast: Who’s in it?

“For our third series we are going back to where it all started — New York City — the birthplace of hip hop, with this incredible cast who are all truly New York hip hop royalty,” said Marc Juris, WE Tv’s president.

The main cast of the show includes the Atkins siblings, Jeff Bruce Atkins Jr. and Brittney Atkins, kids of Ja Rule; notorious rapper Fat Joe and his son Ryan Cartagena; the eccentric Charlie Baltimore and her daughter DJ Siaani; Irv Gotti, founder of Murder Inc. Records and his children Angie Pearson and Jonathan “JJ” Wilson Lorenzo; son of late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, rapper Young Dirty Bastard; Flavor Fav (Enemy Star) and his daughter Da’Zyna; Vina Love, daughter of Kid Capri, producer of DJ Cum.

Apart from the main cast, faces from the OG series, Jojo Simmons and Lil Mama also make an appearance in the show.

What is Growing Up Hip Hop: New York About?

Star-kids, believe it or not, also have to go through the struggles of failures, disappointments, rejection, and criticism just like any other artist. While critics might sometimes go easy on them (though that’s rare), the audience scrutinizes them under microscopic lenses.  In order to clear everyone’s doubts and make an individual name for themselves, they first need to prove their talent to the entire world. This is exactly what we see in Growing Up Hip Hop: New York. The show features the natives of the Big Apple, who come from the families of hip-hop royalties. The reality show is full of drama and hustle that never ends.

The show’s premiere takes the audience to experience the luxurious music festival ‘Fyre Fest’. The episodes unfold with high voltage drama in upcoming turns and twists. The viewers on one hand gets to see Ryan and Da’Zyna’s struggling with ‘daddy issues’ with their respective fathers, while on the other hand, they witness her controversial romance with YBD, which makes him walk out on his pregnant girlfriend. Though, their relationship takes a shocking turn of events after the result of DNA tests followed by some even more shocking revelations by Da’Zyna’s father, Flavor Fav.

Different feuds and confrontations were spread all across the season. But, whether it was the constant rivalry between Madina, Vina, and Da’Zyna or interesting face-offs between talents like Angela & Lil Mama and Flavor Fav & Kid Capri, the audience had something new and unexpected to watch at every other minute.

Not only that, the series’ dramas went so out of hand, that even the cops had to interfere. JoJo’s weed arrest was one such highlight that really came out as a shocker to the audience.

Overall, all the stars contributed hugely to the show’s plot and not even a single face was left out. The chronicles of their estranged lives were highly unpredictable and way too entertaining. From love triangles and pregnancies to arrests and jealousy, the show has all the ingredients that the audiences look for in any hit series. Though not appreciated, the raw content of the show also witnessed some nasty fist fights and ugly spats between the stars.

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York Season 2 Release: When will it premiere?

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York season 1 premiered on August 29, 2019 on WE Tv.

The show received a huge hit from the audience and just like its parent series, it was a huge hit as well. It might still be too soon for an official announcement of a renewal, but considering the fact that the original show is on its course of season 5, we are sure that the New York version will continue for a few more seasons too.

All in all, if things go as expected, it is quite likely that Growing Up Hip Hop: New York season 2 will premiere sometime in August, 2020.

Growing Up Hip Hop: New York Trailer

Though we do not have any official trailer of season 2, let us rewind a little and get a glimpse of all the drama that unfolded in Growing Up Hip Hop: New York season 1:

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