When Does Growing Up Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 3 Start?

Growing Up Hip Hop‘ carefully documents the lives of children, whose parents are hip hop legends. We see the challenges they face, as they try to carve their own identities while having to deal with public scrutiny and limelight at all times. The series has led to the creation of a popular franchise, including shows like ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta‘ and ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: New York‘.

In the new season, we get off to a strong start as we see Romeo’s problems with Angela intensify. Although a pin is put on the problem, no solution is reached. Meanwhile, Sam and Egypt want to start a new life as a married couple, much to the disapproval of Sam’s friends, who feel that Egypt is too young for him. We also get to see Raquel and Damon, who are happily getting ready to welcome a child in their lives, when someone from the past shows up. This is where the second episode picks up from.

Naturally, you might be wanting a recap of what happens in the second episode of Season 5, and we are here to give you just that. However, first, let us tell you when and where to watch the upcoming third episode.

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 3 of the new season of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’, has been titled ‘A Proposal in the Heir’. It is slated to air on Thursday, December 19, 2019, at 8:47 PM ET. Season 5 has 13 episodes, all slated to drop at regular intervals.

The upcoming episode will see Romeo blocking everyone on social media, causing problems. However, Angela has read receipts. Tee Tee and Tyran plan on derailing Sam and Egypt’s happiness, while Angela and Briana are intent on resolving their problems.

Where to Watch Growing Up Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 3 Online?

Being a We TV show, the best way to catch ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ is on the television, if you are subscribed to the channel. However, we understand if you are a cord-cutter, or simply cannot access a television set when you want to catch the episodes. In that case, head over to the We TV online platform, which will let you stream the show. Alternately, you can opt for other services like DirecTV and YouTubeTV, both of which offer the latest episodes of the show.

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 2 Recap:

Angela and Romeo seem to be headed down the path of an explosive confrontation. JoJo was hoping that talking it out could quash any feelings of animosity, but Angela and her friend, Katrina, seem to be opinionated about Romeo offering an explanation. Neither the explanation nor Romeo is forthcoming as he does not show up to the meeting within 45 minutes, angering Angela.

Things come to head at the party when Romeo shows up late there as well and brushes Angela off. The feud between the two seems to be affecting their friends like JoJo and Vanessa, who are caught in the middle. Angela leaves the party where she eventually meets Briana, and the two agree to put their problems aside and talk.

On a lighter note, we see Dame Dash with Raquel, as Boogie greets them both. Pepa is ready to perform when she gets the news of Spinderella suing Salt-n-Pepa. Egypt too calls to check on her mother and seems really concerned, but Pepa assures her that everything will be handled.

Now that the relationships have started to go sour on some fronts, while amends are being made in other cases, the upcoming episode promises to be full of explosive drama.