Grown-ish Season 3 Episode 9: Release Date and Streaming Details

‘Grown-ish’ is Freeform’s spin-off of the popular ABC sitcom ‘Black-ish‘ that is currently in its third season. The single-camera comedy is focused on Zoey, the eldest daughter of the Johnsons, who leaves her nest to navigate college and adulthood. But of course, she has her own problems to deal with once she realizes that life is not a bed of roses, once you are away from home and on your own.

The series managed to live up to the expectations of its parent title and fans were elated when it landed with its third outing on January 16, 2020. However, after spanning eight episodes, the season went on a hiatus, following its mid-season finale, which aired on March 5, 2020. Now, fans are impatient to know when the show will make its comeback. Well, read on to know when ‘Grown-ish’ season 3 episode 9 will premiere on tv screens.

Grown-ish Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Freeform has not announced an exact air date for the upcoming episode yet. But the channel has confirmed that the show will return in the summer of this year. If you see the schedule of season 2, it also went on a break in March 2019 and then made a comeback in June 2019.

Hence, we expect the current edition to follow a similar schedule as its predecessor. ‘Grown-ish’ season 3 episode 9 will most likely release sometime in June 2020. We will update this section as we receive an official confirmation about the exact release date.

We also have a promo for the second part of season 3. Check it out below:

Where to Watch Grown-ish Season 3 Episode 9 Online?

You can watch ‘Grown-ish’ season 3 episode 9 by tuning into Freeform when it lands on the channel. Moreover, the episode can also be streamed online using a cable provider’s login on Freeform’s website or mobile app.

Furthermore, you can watch the episode live if you have a subscription for Hulu With Live TV, Direct TV, Sling TV or YouTube TV. Moreover, specific episodes from the first two seasons of the show can be bought on Amazon Prime Video.

Grown-ish Season 3 Episode 8 Recap:

In the spring finale of ‘Grown-ish’ season 3, Zoey takes one more step toward adulthood as she grows a year older. She celebrates her 21st birthday. In the midst of the party, she takes a break to think about her existence. This is when she receives a surprise visit from Samuel L. Aaron Jackson. Sam tells Zoey that she is not the huge mess she thinks she is. He explains: “You’re never malicious, even though you mess up like 99.9999 percent of the time. You go above and beyond to fix it, and that means a lot.”

Well, encouraged by Sam’s words, Zoey returns to the party and announces before her friends: “I’m an adult, and I need to start making some adult decisions. … I’m quitting Cal U.” Zoey believes that there’s no point of a degree when her aim is to become a hairstylist. Of course, nobody supports her decision. But Zoey is adamant and listens to no one. In another scene, Nomi’s water breaks and yes, we are to see a new baby’s arrival in the next episode!

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