Guess What Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Movie of 2014 is ?

Christopher Nolan Boyhood

Christopher Nolan, in an elaborate interview with The Hollywood Reporter , has revealed his favorite movie of 2014 to be as .. ‘Boyhood’. No surprises there, considering ‘Boyhood’ has been flooring everyone from the President of United States to Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson. In the interview, when asked “What is your favorite 2014 film not named Interstellar?“, Nolan replied “I will say that Boyhood, [Richard] Linklater’s film is an extraordinary movie, I mean, there’s no question.”

So, there it goes. With all the continuous high-praises coming in for ‘Boyhood’, it’s deservedly leading the Oscar race (as you can see here) to win the trophy for Best Picture. If you want to read its review, you can find it right here.