Haikyuu!! S04 E09: What to Expect?

From the opening scene of every episode to its very end, the creators of ‘Haikyuu’ bring a kind of detail to the animation that can never be seen in other anime shows. But more than that, even its storyline is simply impeccable. As simple as it may seem, it brings a lot of depth to the characters and develops them very subtly. ‘Haikyuu’ is easily one of the best sports anime out there and if you have been watching it all this while, read on further to know everything about its next episode.

When is Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 9 Release Date?

‘Haikyuu!!’ season 3, titled ‘Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou’, premiered on October 8, 2016. With a total of 10 episodes, this season went on till December 10, 2016. The 9th episode of  Haikyuu Season 4, titled “Everyone’s Night”, will release on March 6, 2020.

Where to Watch Haikyuu!! Season 4 Episode 9 English Dub Online?

You can stream ”Haikyuu!!’ Season 4 on Crunchyroll with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers: What to Expect?

The practice match with Date Tech reaches the fourth set and they still lead by many points. But Coach Ukai is finally able to come up with a strategy that works well against their seemingly impregnable defense. Hinata, who poses the biggest threat to the opposing team with his spikes, reduces his tempo and fakes hitting the ball. While the defenders of the other team get busy noticing him, the other players from Hinata’s team spike the ball in Date Tech’s domain. With this, they intend to create a pattern that will force the boys of Date Tech to become very random about their defense movements. And as soon as they do that, Hinata can again stop faking his moves and bring his A-game.

Karasuno keeps implementing these strategies and soon, all the players of his team start getting the hang of it. Asahi is able to finally break three blockers which tie both teams with 4 wins and 4 losses. In the closing scene of the episode, Hinata’s sister asks him to teach her volleyball, he tells her to use her inflatable to practice control by keeping the ball off the ground at all times.

In the next episode, after all of their practice at the gym, the team will finally arrive at the nationals in Toyko. The big day will finally be here and all the members of the team will spend the night before it worrying about how they’ll play. There’s a lot of pressure on Hinata and Kageyama this time as their performance in the game will eventually determine whether they’ll win or lose.

The team has come really far from where they used to be and even Hinata, who has previously spent the better half of this season just observing players, has managed to make some key improvements in his game. But is all of this enough to get them through Nationals? As most viewers would expect, their first match in the Nationals will be with a pretty strong team but they’ll still manage to win by a small margin. However, one cannot predict how long they’ll be able to last in this tournament.