When Does Halloween Wars Season 9 Start?

Gone are the days when tv networks used to air cookery shows with top chef cooking various dishes and sharing step by step recipe with the viewers. During that time it was more of one-way communication. For the last couple of decades, the game has changed, and telecasters understand the importance of user engagement. Nowadays, many reality shows have come up with more techniques to improve viewership and presence.

Halloween War is an American Food reality show which airs on the television channel ‘Food Network’. The show’s format consists of 5 teams, and each team has a candy maker, a pumpkin carver, and a cake decorator. Members of each team have two coordinates while creating a Halloween themed display. The competition goes one level up with each passing phase and intensifies further.

The show has had eight successful seasons so far. Now the question is, when is Halloween Wars season 9 coming back? Here’s everything we know about it.

Who is the Host of Halloween Wars?

Jonathan Bennett is the host of the show. The actor was previously seen in Mean Girls and is also the host of Cake Wars. He has been a consistent face on Halloween Wars and we should be seeing him back in season 9 as well.

For a show as spooky as Halloween Wars, you can’t find a better match than Don Mancini; the director of the horror movie series Chucky. Don has already given the scariest nightmares to the world with his directions and looks for the same kind of creativity in the Halloween themed food displays from the contestants of this series. This makes the teams bring a lot of creativity on the table for the jury.

He is joined by the celebrated cake decorator & actor Shinmin Li who has been in the Jury from the time of inception of the Halloween War franchise. Shinmin, the founder of “I Dream of cake” is a passionate cake artist and comes with a rich experience in cake decoration. To live up to her expectations on the show, the cake decorator has not just to carve and bake a good cake but be very precise about the detailing also. Owing to her passion for cakes; she looks for the detailing like the texture of the cake, fluffiness, binding material used in the flowers and other fondant elements, etc.

What is Halloween Wars About?

The format of the show is quite simple. Five teams compete again each other create the best themed Halloween cakes, sugar art and pumpkin sculptures.

Each season consists of a series of episodes. Each episode has two rounds. The first round is called small scare in which the team has to make Halloween decoration displays in 45 minutes. The team with the scariest, horrifying as well as creative display wins the round 1 and gets an extra assistant for the next round. The round 2 goes one level up, and it’s called spine chiller.

The new theme is given to the team, and they have to create a bigger display with the idea. A lot of creativity and out of box thinking plays an important role here as the team members have to tell a story behind the characters and elements used in the display. The theme of the second round usually relates to episode names of each season. The inspection and evaluation of each display are even more thorough and drilling in this round. Through various episodes, these teams compete with each other and the last team standing who walks away with the prize money of 50,000 US dollars.

While each team member’s creativity, skills and expertise play an important role throughout the journey, the qualities like team spirit, coordination, and time management also play an important role to be a winner of this show.

Halloween Wars Season 9 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Halloween War Season 9 is all set to release on September 29, 2019, and will continue till October 27, 2019. Don’t forget to mark your calendars.

Halloween Wars Trailer

While there is no trailer/teaser of Halloween wars available, you can watch all the previous episodes of each season on Prime Video.

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