Hard Broken Ending, Explained: Who Killed Yasmine?

Hard Broken,’ directed by Elie F. Habib, is a gripping 2023 Netflix murder mystery featuring a stellar cast including Muhanad Al-Hamdi, Talal Jurdi, Rasha Bilal, Elie Mitri, Rodrigue Sleiman, Ghinwa Mahmour, and Dua Hegazi. The plot centers around the murder investigation of Yasmine, a young woman tragically shot while on her way to the hospital. Detectives Wael and Sandra spearhead the investigation, but the killer always appears to be one step ahead, creating a tense and thrilling narrative.

At its core, the series delves into themes of infidelity, betrayal, and jealousy, exploring the darker depths of human nature and the lengths to which a person can go when consumed by these vices. The intertwining of these themes drives the plot and adds layers of mystery and suspense to the story, making ‘Hard Broken’ a compelling watch for mystery enthusiasts. If you’re curious to see what challenges Wael and Sandra face in their investigation, here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Hard Broken.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Hard Broken Plot Synopsis 

The series begins with a startling and cold-blooded murder. Adam (Muhanad Al-Hamdi) and Yasmine (Rasha Bilal) were on their way to the hospital after Yasmine began experiencing severe stomach pain. Unfortunately, a masked man forces them to stop their car. Fearing for both his and Yasmine’s safety, Adam complies with the stranger’s demands. He offers money and jewelry to secure their release. However, his pleas fall on deaf ears, and the assailant opens fire. Adam manages to survive the harrowing ordeal, but tragically, Yasmine succumbs to her injuries. Later, Adam regains consciousness in the hospital and informs the authorities about the horrifying events of the previous night.

Sandra (Sara Atallah) and Wael (Rodrigue Sleiman), the lead detectives on the case, are confident that the murder is an inside job, not a robbery gone wrong. They initiate their investigation by meticulously interviewing friends from Yasmine and Adam’s circle. Consistently, they all emphasized that Adam and Yasmine had an enviable, deeply affectionate relationship. Lana (Douja Hijazi), Adam’s business partner, discloses that Yasmine harbored a strong disdain for Saad (Elie Mitri), Adam’s friend, likely due to his womanizing nature. She feared that Saad’s influence could potentially change Adam, molding him into a similar person. Dr. Youssef (Talal Jurdi), Lana’s spouse and Yasmine’s mentor, confirms in his statement that Yasmine had a heated argument with Saad just hours before her death. 

The investigation takes a startling turn as Yasmin’s post-mortem reports reveal a shocking discovery. The coroner’s examination exposed excessive quantities of drugs in Yasmine’s stomach. Since Yasmine wasn’t an addict, suspicions arise, pointing towards the possibility that someone maliciously spiked her drink. The cops also find Adam’s car abandoned near a motel, ruling out robbery as a motive. Wael summons Saad in for questioning, and he provides a contrasting portrayal of Yasmine. Saad accuses Yasmine of being unfaithful to Adam. Saad also discloses that Yasmine was in a relationship with him before meeting Adam. According to Saad, Yasmine knew how to feign innocence and portray herself as naive, but in truth, she was a skilled manipulator. Yasmine enjoyed manipulating people to further her own interests and maintain her lavish lifestyle. 

Suraya (Ghinwa Mahmour), Yasmine’s former roommate, asserts that Yasmine exploited Saad to maintain her affluent lifestyle.  Saad eventually part ways with Yasmine due to their differing natures and becomes engaged to Suraya. Unfortunately, this new relationship also ended on a sour note. Wael relays this recent detail to Adam, but Adam refuses to accept any of it despite having prior suspicions about Yasmine. However, Adam’s stance on his late wife changes when he discovers a hidden phone in Yasmine’s bedroom. Adam tries to unlock it but fails as the phone is password-protected. Adam informs Youssef about the phone, and the visible anxiety on Youssef’s face strongly suggests that the phone contains damning evidence implicating him in Yasmine’s murder. 

Wael and Sandra grapple with two potential theories. One suggests that the key to solving the murder mystery lies in finding Yasmine’s secret lover. The other theory implicates Adam himself, proposing that he learned of his wife’s infidelity and devised a plan to end her life. Meanwhile, Saad forcefully enters Suraya’s apartment, asking if she knows anything about Yasmine’s secret lover. Suraya, on the other hand, is genuinely unaware of any secret relationship Yasmine might have had, prompting Saad to leave in anger. However, Saad has some idea of who Yasmine’s secret lover could be.

Suraya meets with Dr. Youssef and informs him Wael and Saad are on her trail, trying to uncover the identity of Yasmin’s secret lover. Suraya confronts Youssef directly, asking him if he’s responsible for Yasmine’s death. Youssef vehemently denies involvement, emphasizing she was his life’s love and he couldn’t fathom hurting her. The observant audience can’t help but notice Youssef’s agitation and worry whenever someone mentions Yasmine’s secret lover. Furthermore, it was Youssef who bought Yasmine another phone after Adam confiscated her original one.

Hard Broken Ending Explained: Who Killed Yasmine?

After much contemplation, Adam finally makes a decision about what to do with the phone. He contacts Youssef, explaining that he intends to hand the phone over to the police, hoping it will help them in their investigation. However, just as Adam is about to follow through with this plan, he receives an unexpected phone call that changes everything. The caller, on the other end, offers to provide critical information about Yasmine but demands a sum of $10,000 in return. To Adam’s surprise, this was all a trap set by Youssef, who just wanted to get his hands on the phone. Adam arrives at the designated meeting point, only to realize that he has walked into a dangerous situation. It becomes clear that the men he’s dealing with have lethal intentions. Fortunately, Saad, who had been discreetly trailing Adam from the moment he left home, intervenes just in the nick of time, saving him from a potentially deadly encounter. 

The police arrive at the scene and seize all evidence present. Saad seizes this opportunity to reveal to the authorities that Yasmine’s secret lover is none other than Dr. Youssef. Recognizing the gravity of the situation and mounting evidence against him, Youssef decides to make a hasty exit from the city. Wael and Sandra successfully unlock Yasmine’s phone and uncover evidence that confirms Yasmine’s infidelity. The phone’s contents reveal that she was indeed unfaithful to Adam, engaging in an affair with Dr. Youssef. Wael and Sandra also notice that Youssef lacked a credible alibi during the time of the crime.

Additionally, the presence of medical morphine in Yasmine’s system, a substance commonly used in clinics, raises eyebrows and points toward Youssef. Despite these mounting suspicions, it turns out that Youssef is not the true killer. His selfless love for Yasmine makes it implausible that he would harm her in any way. The police succeed in tracking down and arresting Dr. Youssef, charging him with the murder of Yasmine. They also discover the murder weapon, further bolstering the case against him. As the evidence piles up, the court reaches a verdict, sentencing Youssef to death for the crime. 

In a shocking twist, the series reveals that the real masterminds behind Yasmine’s murder are none other than Lana and Adam. Lana had long harbored suspicions about her husband’s infidelity and eventually uncovered his affair with Yasmine. Upon learning about their partner’s unfaithfulness, Lana and Adam conspire together to exact their own form of retribution against both Yasmine and Youssef. On the night of Adam and Yasmine’s anniversary, Lana laced Yasmine’s bloody mary with the stolen morphine from Youssef’s clinic. As Yasmine unknowingly consumes the drugged drink, she starts complaining of stomach pain. In response, Adam decided to rush Yasmine to the hospital and led her in the car.

After Adam left the scene, Lana sprung into action. She got inside a taxi and stealthily followed Adam’s car. She then intercepted Adam’s vehicle and murdered Yasmine. Following the murder, Lana carefully placed the murder weapon in Youssef’s secondary flat, skillfully framing him for the crime and diverting suspicion away from herself. Unbeknownst to Adam, Saad was also part of this nefarious plan, as he was the one driving the taxi that Lana used to follow Adam’s car. As the series reaches its climax, Wael and Sandra share a moment of revelation, finally seeing through Adam’s deception that has tricked them since the beginning. They come to understand that Adam had manipulated them, sending them on a wild goose chase and keeping them from uncovering the real truth.

We also see that Dr. Youssef summons his inner strength and decides to launch a fresh appeal for his case, determined to clear his name and reveal the injustice he has faced. The series ends abruptly, leaving viewers in suspense as it refrains from revealing Wael and Sandra’s next moves. This unexpected conclusion paves the way for the possibility of a sequel, where the unresolved mysteries may find closure, and the characters’ fates can be further explored.

Why Did Saad Help Lana and Adam in Killing Yasmine?

Saad and Yasmine were once romantically involved, but their relationship deteriorated, leading to a separation. Saad deceived Wael and Sandra by falsely accusing Yasmine of infidelity. In truth, he was the one being unfaithful, spending nights with other women instead of being with Yasmine. On Saad’s birthday, Yasmine planned a surprise visit to his house, only to discover a lifeless girl beside him.

Fearing for her safety, she attempted to leave, but Saad stopped her. Saad then threatened to kill Yasmine if she ever spoke about the incident. This explains why Yasmine didn’t want her husband, Adam, to associate with Saad. As time went on, Saad’s resentment towards Yasmine grew, and he joined forces with Lana upon learning that she was plotting Yasmine’s murder. Saad’s motivation behind this heinous act was to eliminate the sole witness of his crime.

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