Did Harry and Francesca Split?

Unlike other dating reality shows like ‘Love Island‘ or ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ was one that had single contestants from all over the world and actually taught them how to have a genuine connection with each other. It had rules that stated that the contestants cannot engage in any form of sexual contact, not even kisses. And their incentive to stick to it was the $100,000 prize money. If someone did break the rule, the prize money would decrease.

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago met while filming this series and formed a relationship almost instantly. By breaking the rules on a few occasions, they became one of the most controversial couples on the show. Curious to know more about them? Don’t worry, we’re here with all the latest updates for you.

Harry and Francesca: Too Hot to Handle Journey

Harry, the Australian hunk, was the youngest of the pack and the most ambitious. He didn’t have any inhibitions when it came to who he was or what he wanted, so when his eyes landed on Francesca on the very first day, he called dibs. The Canadian woman’s gorgeousness couldn’t be denied by any of the contestants and most of the guys wanted her for themselves, but Harry was the one who succeeded. On the first night itself, before the rules were announced, the two shared a steamy kiss that left them both wanting more.

Of course, their journey was not one without a bit of drama. On the second day, Harry convinced Francesca to break the rules and kissed her, which cost them $3,000. Feeling guilty about losing the prize money, Harry lied to the other contestants and told them that Francesca was the one who initiated it all. Hurt and feeling betrayed, Francesca started distancing herself from Harry and began trying to find a connection with someone else. She ignored him and did all that she could to move on, but it didn’t help.

Harry didn’t let her go easily either, he crashed her date with Kelz and made sure that she knew what he felt towards her. And eventually, they made up and became genuinely committed to each other. Even when Francesca accompanied a new player on a date, she made it clear that she was with Harry. After that, nothing could break them apart. On the show, the couple confessed their love for one another and even discussed moving in together.

They did face backlash from their fellow contestants as they had broken the rules a total of four times and had caused a deduction of more than $30,000 from the final prize money, but, they didn’t let any of it come between their relationship. And, by winning back the money they had lost in the finale, the couple made up to their fellow contestants.

On the Zoom reunion episode, Harry shocked everyone by getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend. He used a Ring-Pop candy to do so, and it was over a video call, but Francesca didn’t care, she said yes!

Did Harry and Francesca Break Up?

Harry and Francesca’s relationship was going really strong, they had visited each other’s hometowns, gotten matching lightning tattoos, and were well on their way to their happily ever after. However, that all came crashing down in June 2020 when Francesca uploaded a YouTube video to announce that she and Harry had split up.

She revealed that he was the one who called it quits on their relationship because he no longer wanted to date long-distance. She even admitted that their arguments were an issue for him. “Couples fight and you go through arguments,” she said in the video. “We would argue every now and then, but it was never, for me, relationship-ending. And I think for him, small, little things ended up turning into relationship-ending arguments.”

Harry went on to upload his own video as well, talking about their breakup and his experience on the show. He spoke of their unique circumstances and even addressed the rumors that Francesca previously revealed played a part in their split. “There is literally nothing to hide and I’m an open book. I’m open and transparent about absolutely everything. Francesca knows exactly what was going on between us. I never lied to her about anything.”

While Harry seems to be in California, Francesca is at home in Canada. And it looks like they are both dealing with their public break-up on their own terms. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of bad blood between them because there has been no public arguments or aggression, just discussions and responses, but, yes, there is definitely sadness about their year-long relationship coming to an end.

You can check out both of their respective YouTube videos below:

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