Are Harry and Francesca From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Netflix’s latest reality game show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is making headlines for all the right reasons! The series is not only about dating and seduction, but also about establishing emotional connections. The show follows ten single and sexy serial-swipers who indulge in meaningless flings. With an aim to help them grow and develop emotionally, they are banned from indulging in any sexual activities. Failure to abide by the rules can result in the deduction of the $100,000 prize money. All the players, though miserable, try to refrain from physical intimacy, except Harrey Jowsey and Francesca Farago. The couple not only broke the rules but also earned a notorious reputation amongst fellow players.

Harry and Francesca: Too Hot To Handle Journey

The youngest of the pack and the most ambitious, Harry, the Australian cutie, called dibs on Francesca on the very first day. The Canadian beauty was termed as the hottest, the most desirable, and the ‘Queen’ of the show! Many had their eyes set on her, but Harry was the only one who went in for the kill. During a game of harmless flirting on the first night, Harry kissed Francesca and left her begging for more!

The duo didn’t waste any precious time and began making out before the ‘sex-ban’ was imposed. On the second day, Harry convinced Francesca to break the rules and kissed her. Feeling guilty about losing out on $3,000 of the prize money, Harry lied to the group and claimed that Francesca initiated the kiss. This didn’t go down well with her, and she called him out on his lies. Betrayed and feeling manipulated, she distanced herself from Harry and began exploring a connection with another co-star, Kelz.

Harry’s jealousy shot through the roof, and he tried to crash her date with Kelz. Eventually, Francesca’s interest in Kelz fizzled out, and she pondered over her feelings for Harry. The duo ignored each other for a couple of days before Francesca made a move. She reached out to Harry, and they both apologized for their behavior and patched up. Sometime later, Francesca was asked out on a date by a new player. She accompanied him but made it clear that she was committed to Harry. Harry was relieved and told her that she had won his trust and passed a relationship test.

Since then, the couple formed one of the strongest relationships of the show. Both of them even confessed that they were in love with one other. They talked about their future and discussed the possibility of moving in together.

The couple, though strong as a rock, faced a lot of backlash from the fellow players. They had broken the rule four times, resulting in the deduction of a whopping $32,000 of prize money altogether! The couple made amends with everyone by winning back the money in the finale. They were also the only ones who had indulged in sexual intercourse on the show.

Are Harry and Francesca Still Together?

According to Harry and Francesca’s Instagram accounts, yes, they are probably still together. It is interesting to note that after the show’s filming wrapped up in the middle of 2019, Harry had posted pictures of him in Vancouver. That is where Francesca lives. She, too, posted pictures of herself exploring Queensland in Australia, which is where Harry is from. It is safe to say that the couple spent a lot of time together and visited each other’s hometowns frequently.

They might have maintained a long-distance relationship initially, but it seems that they are now living together in Los Angeles. Also, isn’t it funny how both of them have the same manager, Jeff? Check it out in their Instagram bios. Harry and Francesca have been busy. They have both been taking up modeling assignments. They also have their own separate fashion and accessories labels too.

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