Has Cake Been Renewed?

Created and directed by Phil Burgers, FXX’s ‘Cake’ is an anthology television series that features live-action and animated shorts symbolic of the assortment of ingredients used in baking a cake. The series entertains and explores a wide array of different comedic styles, with every episode distinctly reminding us of the same. Phil Burgers, one of the most well-known pioneers of absurd comedy, is behind the experimental but innovative theatricality of the series that has remarkably attracted a lot of viewers.

Since its inception in 2019, the series has been overwhelming audiences because of the display of stylistic color palettes and a swift pace that results in an aesthetic that is hard to ignore. With the latest season coming to an end, fans may have been curious about what lies ahead. Well, here’s everything we know about ‘Cake’ season 5!

Cake Season 5 Release Date

‘Cake’ season 4 released on March 11, 2021, on FXX, and continued till April 29, 2021. The season comprises nine episodes, with each one having a runtime of 22 minutes.

Fans adored the fourth season because it is as engaging as its predecessors and manages to retain its core genre and style, which happens to be its unique selling point. With regards to the upcoming season, here’s what we know. The makers or the network have not released any update about the show’s return. But FX Networks Chairman, John Landgraf, had always intended for ‘Cake’ to span numerous iterations. We also know that if an anthology series is well-established, it has a high scope of returning back on screen.

Moreover, the best and perhaps the most advantageous thing about an anthology series is the level of creative freedom that it allows the creators to undertake. There is additionally no chance of running out of material as every episode has different stories rendering the content unexhaustive and dynamic. ‘Cake’ optimally uses its bold undertones to guide the viewers towards something different even though the episodes do not cater to all kinds of audiences. This is something that creator and absurd comedian Phil Burgers makes sure of.

A few acclaimed anthologies include ‘Black Mirror‘ and ‘Love Death & Robots,’ which have been running because of their high viewership and the universal acclaim each show has received. ‘Cake’ might also suffer a delay in production because of the restrictions imposed against the Covid-19 outbreak, even if it gets greenlit for another season. Hence, the show will spend a great deal of time in the production phase before dropping on television. Considering all possibilities, we can expect ‘Cake’ season 5 to release sometime in 2022.

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