Has Sexify Been Renewed?

With the premiere of the Polish series ‘Sexify’ in April 2021, Netflix added yet another intriguing comedy-drama series to its slate of original programming. The show follows three young university students who have a breakthrough idea for a tech competition that they want to sign up for. Natalia is a brilliant programmer and thinks about creating an app called Sexify to optimize female pleasure. However, she does not have the relevant experience. Natalia then takes help from her friends Paulina and Monika, and together they begin their journey to understand intimacy better.

The series does not shy away from discussing female pleasure and provides entertainment through the interesting ways that the lead characters find a way around the hurdles and resistance they face. After breezing through the first season of the show, the fans are already looking forward to more. Here is all that we know about the possibility of a second season!

Sexify Season 2 Release Date

‘Sexify’ season 1 premiered on April 28, 2021, on Netflix. The first season comprises eight episodes with a runtime of 37-51 minutes each.

With regards to the second season, here is what we know. An official announcement is yet to be made regarding the renewal of the show for the second installment. Along with the favorable reviews, the series has been compared to the mega-hit British show ‘Sex Education.’ The two comedy-drama shows are similar in a way that they open up conversations around sex and intimacy. However, the Polish series primarily focuses on female orgasm, which has often been side-lined in mainstream media.

Whether the series will be given the go-ahead for a second round or not depends on how the show performs on Netflix. The streaming platform usually takes a couple of months before announcing a renewal. Taking into consideration the fact that there aren’t many Polish comedy series currently streaming on Netflix, the future of ‘Sexify’ looks promising. Therefore, if the show meets the renewal criteria for the streaming giant and is greenlit for another season by the end of summer 2021, fans can expect ‘Sexify’ season 2 to release sometime in Spring 2022.

Sexify Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Aleksandra Skraba portrays Natalia, who is the programmer of the Sexify app. Maria Sobocinska and Sandra Drzymalska play Natalia’s friends, Paulina and Monika, respectively. Wojciech Solarz essays the role of their professor Mr. Krynicki who believes in the abilities of the three young women and is supportive of their project. Other actors in the series are Jacek Grygorowicz (Straznik Graniczny), Piotr Pacek (Mariusz), Jan Wieteska (Adam), Kamil Wodka (Rafal), and Daniel Hall (Konrad). If there is a second season, we can expect most of these actors to return along with some fresh additions to the cast.

Sexify Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the final episode of the first season, Natalia, Paulina, and Monika are saved from being expelled because the Dean is embarrassed to make the matter public. Despite all the hurdles, the girls manage to make their way into the competition. Although they impress the panel of judges, they do not win. Natalia and Paulina have accepted defeat, but Monika is not done playing yet. In the final moments, we learn that Monika’s father is on board with their project and even offers all the professional aid they might need to take it forward. The girls are ecstatic about the possibilities regarding their app.

If there is a second season, we may see how the three friends will take their app forward. At the end of the first season, Natalia and Adam’s budding relationship hints at a promising future for the two individuals. Paulina and Monika have also made significant development in their respective relationships. Therefore, we may see how the three of them navigate their romantic lives in the potential season 2.

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