Has ‘Haunted Hospitals’ Been Renewed?

Based on the line, “every nurse has a ghost story,” ‘Haunted Hospitals’ narrates spine-chilling true stories of paranormal encounters inside hospitals, medical institutions, morgues, and related facilities.

Michael Allcock (‘Paranormal Emergency’), Michael Sinyi (‘Air Emergency’), David Tebby (‘Disasters at Sea’), and Dan Hawkes (‘Surviving Evil’) serve as directors of the paranormal reality TV show. Michael Allcock is also one of the co-writers of ‘Haunted Hospitals.’

Season 1 of ‘Haunted Hospitals’ opened to excellent reviews from the audiences and critics alike. The show was praised for the host’s conduct, high production value, and authentic interviews. Hence, it was renewed for a second season. Here’s everything we know about ‘Haunted Hospitals’ season 3.

Haunted Hospitals Season 3 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Haunted Hospitals’ season 2 premiered on January 4, 2020, and concluded on March 28, 2020. The season consisted of 13 (I know, right?!) episodes with a runtime of 42-43 minutes each. You can watch all the episodes on Travel Channel.

Although no announcement has yet been made for a third season, it rarely happens that horror documentaries have a short run. They are one of the most-watched shows by the audience. Hence, we are positive that even this title will get another season in the coming months. If renewed, we can expect Haunted Hospitals season 3 to most likely premiere sometime in January 2021.

Haunted Hospitals Season 3 Host

As the host of ‘Haunted Hospitals’, Jack Kenna takes the viewers on a trip down the eerie hallways of the cursed hospitals by conducting interviews, experiments and taking professional aid. Jack is a seasoned paranormal investigator and an author of books related to the supernatural. He is known for shows like ‘Haunted Case Files’ and ‘Paranormal Survivor.’

‘Rod the Stormtrooper’ star John Elios, ‘Friendly Fires’ fame Aaron Rothermund and Huy Hao Tran from ‘The Boys’ play demons, while ‘Bizarre Murders’ actor Blake Murray plays Azriel. Lina Yakovlieva, known for ‘See No Evil,’ stars as a ghost. If renewed for a third season, Kenna is expected to reprise his hosting duties.

What Can Haunted Hospitals Season 3 Be About?

Hospitals are a place of birth, healing, and also death. Uniquely, life comes full circle at the medical institutions, opening a portal to the other side – entry, and exit.

But why do the paranormal entities haunt hospitals specifically? Well, in the past, many people who had a mental illness or incurable diseases were put into the slummy centers, where they were tortured, neglected, and deprived of basic necessities — some people for a while, most for their entire lives.

With various emotions like negativity, sorrow, agony, and rage trapped within the hospital walls, it is easy to understand as to why the hospitals are haunted. Do the spirits still roam in the halls, and pass through the walls, frightening people in the process?

‘Haunted Hospitals’ examine the “whys” by considering real-life cases. Doctors, ex-patients, nurses, and other staff members recount the horrors of the location, presenting a first-hand account of paranormal activities occurring in the institutions. The stories include – spotting a woman/man/kid in the basement; possession by a demon; security guard being hit when no one’s around; whispers and cold spots in the inventory, foul stench and cries of babies in the maternity ward, and many others.

The show enlists the help of paranormal experts and medical professionals, who provide a thorough evaluation of the claims. Season 3, as and when it happens, is expected to explore further into more paranormal phenomena sighted inside the premises of medical facilities.

Haunted Hospitals Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Haunted Hospitals’ season 2.


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