Hazbin Hotel Episode 2: What to Expect?

‘Hazbin Hotel’ is a dark comedy adult animated series created and produced by Vivienne Medrano. The pilot episode was released on October 28, 2019, which received an outrageous number of views on YouTube. It revolves around the princess of Hell named Charlie, who wants to materialize a business venture capable of solving “overpopulation” in Hell. If you can’t recall the first episode, the recap section has all the details you need. So now, without further ado, here’s everything we know about ‘Hazbin Hotel’ episode 2!

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Release Date

As far as the release date is concerned, the creators have not confirmed any kind of news or update. Moreover, the pandemic has also halted the production of countless TV shows and movies. It can additionally be noted that episode 1 of the show premiered on October 28, 2019, which means that the next installment could also follow suit. Hence, we expect ‘Hazbin Hotel’ episode 2 to release in October 2021.

Where to Watch Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Online?

‘Hazbin Hotel’ is originally a YouTube show, so you can expect the second episode to release on the creator Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano’s YouTube channel. You can view the first episode here. On August 7, 2020, A24 picked up the show and decided to release the second episode on the network.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Spoilers

In episode 2 of ‘Hazbin Hotel, we can expect Sir Pentious to return with allies and a bigger scheme of taking down the hotel. Now that Alastor is also in the picture, there is an undertone of revenge that will motivate Pentious to come up with even more destructive ways of defeating them. However, it has been speculated that Alastor might switch sides and gang up on Charlie to capture the hotel. This means that her life might be in danger with no one to support her except for Vaggie, her best friend. There is a possibility that Pentious will influence Alastor to join his party.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 1 Recap

In the pilot episode, Charlie, the princess of Hell, along with her girlfriend Vaggie, attempts to open a hotel to rehabilitate demons and other evil creatures. She announces her grand vision to reduce overpopulation by redeeming those who have been sent to Hell so that they can enter Heaven after their sins have been cleared out. But the sole financer of the hotel Angel Dust gets into a controversial fight with Sir Pentious, which sabotages all promotional activities of the hotel.

In the meantime, Charlie encounters a demon called Alastor who offers to help Charlie take care of the hotel. But he also thinks that demons are a breed that can never change. So he begins to manipulate them into doing laborious work for the hotel in the name of redemption, however superficial it might seem. But a few moments later, Sir Pentious shows up to ambush Alastor. Even though things look bad at first, Alastor uses his wit to gain the upper hand and defeats Pentious. He then changes the name of the place from Happy Hotel to Hazbin Hotel.

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