Where to Stream ‘The Boy (2016)’?

As humans, we’re all hardwired to run away from anything that induces fear in our minds but there’s just something about horror movies that lures us right in. Using the right amount of tension, relevance, and surrealism in its narrative, ‘The Boy‘ is another horror movie that premiered back in 2016.

Despite its clichés, the film has managed to garner some appreciation from horror fans because of all the unforeseeable twists that it packs in its narrative. And now that its sequel has also released, even if you have already seen it, you might want to give it another visit. So, to know everything about its streaming availability, read on further.

What Is The Boy About?

Greta, an American nanny, is hired to babysit a young boy in an isolated British town. Upon arriving, she learns that the boy she is expected to babysit is actually a porcelain doll. She initially ignores all the rules that she is asked to abide to while taking care of the boy, but that’s when things begin to get really creepy. As she further investigates the doll’s history and its links with the family, she discovers a lot more than she could’ve asked for.

Is The Boy On Netflix?

Netflix is more like a great-grandfather of all streaming services and it has easily left most other streaming platforms far behind. When it comes to the quality of content and the relative monthly subscription fee that one has to pay for it, absolutely no other streaming platform have given Netflix an honest-to-goodness run for its money. Unfortunately, ‘The Boy’ is not available on Netflix at the moment but you can still stream similar horror thrillers like ‘Gerald’s Game‘, ‘The Ritual‘, ‘Hush‘, and many others on the platform.

Is The Boy On Hulu?

Most perceive Hulu as just another good alternative for current television with a few shows thrown in here and there. However, the platform also has a huge repository of movies that most film lovers can enjoy. Although ‘The Boy’ isn’t available on Hulu yet, you can still stream movies like ‘Annihilation‘ and ‘28 Weeks Later,‘ among many others on the platform.

Is The Boy On Amazon Prime?

Most of us go trawling around on Netflix to look for popular movies and TV shows but little do we know that even Amazon Prime offers a great selection to its viewers. If you’re looking for a place to stream ‘The Boy’, look no further as the film is available on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service also allows you to rent the film for 24 hours for a fee of $3.99.

Is The Boy Out On DVD and BluRay?

If you’re interested in watching ‘The Boy’ in DVD and BluRay formats, you can order your copy here.

Can I Stream The Boy Online For Free?

There is a bevy of streaming sites out there that allow you to watch movies for free. Unfortunately, as of now none of those services are streaming ‘The Boy.’ However, you can still subscribe to Amazon Prime’s one-month free trial and watch the movie for free.

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