Heels Episode 2: What to Expect?

The premiere of ‘Heels‘ follows two brothers (Jack and Ace), who invest their heart and soul in a minor professional wrestling league called DWL (Duffy Wrestling League) founded by their late father Tom, who was another remarkable wrestler affectionately called King Spade. After Tom’s death, Jack takes it upon himself to get the business running, and Ace dreams of becoming the number 1 wrestler in the game. For an elaborate account of what happens in the premiere episode, head to the recap. Now, here are a few details on the next episode.

Heels Episode 2 Release Date

‘Heels’ episode 2 will release on August 22, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Starz. The current season has 10 episodes, and every hour-long episode lands on the network on Sundays.

Where to Watch Heels Episode 2 Online?

You can watch ‘Heels’ episode 2 on Starz at the date and time mentioned above. If you miss the television premiere, you can watch it later on Starz’s official website. As of now, you can subscribe to Hulu and watch the show here.

Heels Episode 2 Spoilers

The second episode of ‘Heels’ is titled ‘Dusty Finish.’ In the episode, Jack’s decision to sneakily sabotage his brother Ace’s one chance at leaving the league might bring along consequences. This might further create disorder in their relationship, and Ace might never forgive his brother. Meanwhile, the competition will continue to threaten Jack’s business. There is even more at risk for the fighters in case the worst happens, and they find themselves ill-equipped to continue running the league. Here is a promo for the upcoming episode!

Heels Episode 1 Recap

The premiere of ‘Heels,’ titled ‘Kayfabe,’ opens at a small-town professional wrestling league in Georgia named DWL (Duffy Wrestling League) run by Jack, the son of the late league founder, who has to keep it running at all cost. However, his long-drawn enmity with his brother Ace directly interferes with his achievements. Ace, the star wrestler of DWL, is told down by his brother when Ace begins to feel like the plane of fame he is on is slowly slipping away.

However, a scout from a nationwide wrestling league is sent to pull Ace out of DWL. Another promoter from the north side tries to gain more followers for the Florida Wrestling Dystopia, and their main strategy is providing low-cost tickets to individuals who agree to avoid Spades (the wrestlers of DWL). Moreover, Jack also has a son and a doting spouse to take care of, but the source of his biggest trauma is the death of his father Tom, AKA former DWL champion King Spade.

Ace wants to acquire the belt, but doing so would have severe consequences for the team. Jack then tries to make his brother understand the severity of his demands by tackling him on the ring. The moment Ace overpowers Jack and knocks him out, the crowd begins to boo, implying that they’re rooting for Jack. Therefore, Jack’s win would clearly attract more money and fans. Bill, the scout planning to poach out Ace from DWL, is revealed to be an ex-fighter in DWL who had walked away for better opportunities “up North.”

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