Hidden Things Episode 10: Release Date and Streaming Details

There’s nothing exceptional about the storyline of ‘Kakushigoto’. But its sound design, visuals, and characters are all so wholesome that you can’t help but enjoy almost every second of its flaccid runtime. Not to mention, even its dialogues deserve a special mention here as they perfectly encapsulate the diverse personalities of its characters. If you’re looking for heart-warming anime, there’s no better show than ‘Kakushigoto’ this season. For those who have been following it already, here’s everything you need to know about the release date and streaming availability of its next episode.

Kakushigoto Episode 10 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The first season of ‘Kakushigoto’ premiered on April 2, 2020, and assuming that it will have a total of 12 episodes, we expect it to end sometime in June 2020. ‘Kakushigoto’ Episode 10 is scheduled to release on June 4, 2020, at 9:30 am PT in the US ( and on June 5 at 1:30 am JST in Japan)

Where to Watch Kakushigoto Episode 10 English Dub Online?

‘Kakushigoto’ Season 1 is available on Funimation with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Kakushigoto Episode 10 Spoilers: What to Expect?

‘Kakushigoto’ still sticks to its effective standalone format where throughout the episode it adopts a whole new snag that Kakushi faces at his workplace and at home with his daughter. However, the 9th episode is a little different. Instead of portraying the two aspects of Kaushi’s life as two separate conflicts, the episode combines the two. Kakushi attends a party with his office folks and even takes his daughter with him. This is when both of his worlds meet, and as one would expect, the consequence of this is quite disastrous. The episode then ends with another scene that shows Kakushi’s future. It features a bookstore where Kakushi’s name has been mentioned in a book about forgotten mangakas. After following his journey with his daughter all this while, you can’t help but wonder what went wrong?

As revealed in the 9th episode, Kakushi’s manga hasn’t really been making sales lately but his entire industry itself is struggling with something similar. So it is possible that by the end of this season, his condition will get really bad and he and his team will not be able to keep up with their stringent deadlines. Moreover, in the ending motifs of the episodes, the grown-up version of Hime also seems to be very sad about something. So maybe it is possible that something happens to Kakushi later on. For now, he has not been featured in any of those future credits that are featured after every episode, so we can expect some major revelations in the next few episodes, especially in context with Kakushi’s future.

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