His Dark Materials Episode 7: What to Expect?

With just two more episodes remaining, the first season of ‘His Dark Materials’ is coming close to wrapping up the events of ‘The Northern Lights’. Lyra’s journey commenced with the search and rescue of her best-friend Roger, and now, she is on to another search and rescue, that of her father. The final scene of ‘The Daemon-Cages’ shows Lee Scoresby and the team getting attacked by Cliffghasts. While fighting them off, Lyra slips and fall down from the balloon. What happens now?

His Dark Materials Episode 7 Release Date

‘His Dark Materials’ Episode 7 is set to air on BBC One on December 15 at 9 pm in the UK, and on December 16 at 9 pm ET on HBO in the USA. You can find all the places where you can stream the show online right here.

His Dark Materials Episode 7 Spoilers

Even though there is one week before we come to know whether or not Lyra survives the fall, we can make an educated guess. Surely, she isn’t dead. She should be saved by something or someone, or will probably fall on a very thick coat of soft ice! In short, we are pretty sure that she isn’t dying anytime soon, considering the fate of the worlds depends on her. Because they had been going to Svalbard, one way or another, Lyra will find her way to the place and come face to face with Iofur Raknison. We will get to see the kingdom of the armoured bears, so expect a lot of CGI in the next episode.

Another thing to look forward to is the fight. The episode is titled ‘The Fight to the Death’, which means we will have that magnificent scene of Iorek and Iofur fighting for the crown of the bear kingdom. Meanwhile, there is also Mrs Coulter, who succeeded in escaping the events at Bolvangar. What will she do now? Will she come to join the spectacle or the combat, or will she reach out to the Magisterium for help? Furthermore, we also expect to see Lord Asriel again. What has he been up to all this time? And how will he react when he comes to know that Lyra is aware of her parentage?

Meanwhile, in the other world, Will’s story should pick up pace as well. Even though he had been introduced to us a couple of episodes ago, the show has kept him in dark about his father’s work and whereabouts. The Parrys are being watched, and it looks like, in the next episode, the stalkers will come out of the shadow to look for the letters that John Parry’s wife has been keeping safe. The showdown between them and Will should push him towards the path that leads him to Lyra.