His Dark Materials Season 3: Everything We Know

‘His Dark Materials’ is a mystery series based on the eponymous trilogy by author Philip Pullman. Adapted for the screen by Jack Thorne, the show initially released in the UK on November 3, 2019, on BBC One and subsequently in the USA on November 4, 2019, on HBO. The fantasy-adventure drama revolves around a young girl called Lyra, an orphan living at Jordan College, Oxford. The series is set in an alternative world where the Magisterium controls people’s connection to magic and their animal spirits, referred to as “daemons.”

The special effects and the brilliant performances of the star-studded cast make the show an exciting screen adaptation of the much-loved book series. However, a few critics felt that the show’s storyline is unable to establish the link between humans and their daemons. Even though the series tends to isolate viewers who might be new to the world the storyline is set in, it does a great job of depicting the fictional world. Nevertheless, diehard fans are eager to know whether or not there will be a season 3, and we have the answer!

His Dark Materials Season 3 Release Date

‘His Dark Materials’ season 2 released on November 16, 2020, on HBO, with the season concluding on December 28, 2020. But before it released in the US, the sophomore edition aired in the UK from November 8, 2020, to December 20, 2020. The second season has seven episodes that run for about an hour each.

On the potential season 3, here is what we’ve got. On December 22, 2020, the fantasy drama was recommissioned for its third round, but it was announced that it would be the show’s final outing. The team had begun working on the much-anticipated third installment even before it was officially given the go-ahead.

The upcoming season began filming in May 2021. But still, it is unlikely that the fresh set of episodes will hit the screens anytime before 2022, considering the heavy visual effects and post-production work the fantasy drama requires. Therefore, the fans can expect ‘His Dark Materials’ season 3 to release sometime in Q3 2022.

The new installment is set to have eight episodes. The third season is based on the final book of the trilogy titled ‘The Amber Spyglass.’ Originally, executive producer Jane Tranter wanted to cover the contents of the book in seasons 3 and 4. However, it was decided that an eight-episode season 3 would be more than enough for that.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

The final outing will wrap up the storyline, which means we will see some prominent players once again. So, Dafne Keen (Lyra Belacqua), Ruth Wilson (Marisa Coulter), James McAvoy (Lord Asriel Belacqua), Jade Anouka (Ruta Skadi), Simone Kirby (Dr. Mary Malone), Will Keen (Father Hugh MacPhail), and Ruta Gedmintas (Serafina Pekkala) will return for the third cycle. It has not yet been confirmed, but we might see Lewin Lloyd reprise his role as Roger. Although Roger is dead, he appears in the final moments of season 2; with fantasy shows, one can never say that death is final.

New cast members are Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Commander Ogunwe), Jamie Ward (Father Gomez), and Amber Fitzgerald-Woolfe (Ama). Ogunwe is the commander of Lord Asriel’s military forces, whereas Father Gomex is an assassin who is a threat to Lyra’s life. On the other hand, Ama is a young girl from a village in the Himalayas. Other newcomers who have joined the fold are Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Simon Harrison, and Chipo Chung, who will portray angels Balthamos, Baruch, and Xaphania, respectively. Sophie Okonedo is the voice of Xaphania in season 2, but now Chung has taken over the role.

The series also has an extensive voice cast, which includes Kit Connor (Pantalaimon), David Suchet (Kaisa), Joe Tandberg (Iorek Byrnison), Sope Dirisu (Sergi), and Lindsay Duncan (Octavia). All of them might return to fulfill their duties in the final season. Unfortunately, Helen McCrory, the actress who is the voice behind Stelmaria, passed away in April 2021. So, the voice role might be recast, although we are yet to hear about it formally.

His Dark Materials Season 3 What is it About?

In the sophomore edition, Lord Asriel asks the angels for help as the war against The Authority looms on the horizon. Back in Cittàgazze, when Will returns to look for Lyra, she is not there since Mrs. Coulter abducts her. Even though Mrs. Coulter promises to protect Lyra, we find the latter barely conscious and held inside a trunk. The post-credits scene reveals Lyra communicating with Roger.

The third season will open with Lyra lying unconscious while her friend Will will continue to look for her. Lyra will be far from safe since Father MacPhail and Father Gomez will also be trying to track her down. The angels Balthamos and Baruch will want Will to join Lord Asriel in his war against The Authority. As we know, Will is now the bearer of the Subtle Knife. Interestingly, the third season will open up new worlds with unusual creatures.

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