Will There be a ‘Holiday in the Wild’ Sequel?

Netflix is setting the Christmas mood already, over a month before it arrives. Their latest offering, ‘Holiday in the Wild’ is guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies, with the wholesome story of two people who find love in the African wildlands. The movie attempts to be an example of conserving and saving elephants as well, thus doing its bit for society. However, make no mistake. At its heart, ‘Holiday in the Wild’ is a love story.

The basic premise is about a woman whose husband leaves her, just as the two are about to go on a second honeymoon to Zambia. The jilted woman decides to go off on her own, perhaps to nurse a broken heart or discover some truth about herself. However, the trip is nothing like she expects. She meets a person who offers tours and together they rescue a baby elephant from poachers. Nursing this baby back to health, the man and the woman soon develop a strong friendship. Feeling sparks flying, the woman has to make a choice of whether she can leave her entire past behind and stay on in Africa.

Fair warning, ‘Holiday in the Wild’ is exactly as predictable as a Christmas movie should be. At all times you know where the plot is going, but that should not be held against the film. Nobody watches a Christmas movie for the seat gripping twists. People watch it for the emotions and the silliness that is supposed to bring a smile to our faces. ‘Holiday in the Wild’ has plenty of both. With an increasing number of holiday movies releasing each year, and many getting sequels, like Netflix’s ‘The Christmas Chronicles‘, the possibilities look good for ‘Holiday in the Wild’. In fact, if it becomes as popular as ‘A Christmas Prince’, we could expect it to become a franchise of its own.

With this in mind, let us tell you all we know about the ‘Holiday in the Wild’ sequel.

Holiday in the Wild 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

While ‘Holiday in the Wild’ is a love story, the aspect of the baby elephant plays into a much deeper allegorical theme in the film. The first time Kate and Derek meet the baby elephant, it is standing over its mother’s dead body and crying. At this time, the elephant becomes symbolic of Kate’s own divorce and life after that, crying over the death of her marriage. However, with love from both Kate and Derek, the elephant, named Manu, begins to be nursed back to health. The parallels to Kate’s life still continue as Kate begins to be healed due to self-love as well as the love Derek has for her. As Manu becomes healthier, we see Kate and Derek’s relationship blooming as well, as though both were intrinsically linked to each other.

However, by the time Manu is back on its feet, Kate feels healed enough and must now make a choice about her life. She decides to return to New York rather than try and make a new life in Zambia. Separation does not agree with either Kate or Derek, and soon she returns, to be reunited with her new love. The movie ends with a touching scene as the recovered Manu now becomes an example of Kate’s old life. Now that she is healed, she can let Manu, and her past go, as she is prepared to start a new life with Derek. The sequel would most likely pick up from here.

We see Kate writing a mail to her son, thanking him for being a part of their wedding. Thus, ‘Holiday in the Wild 2’ could see the son visiting his mother and stepfather in Zambia, and perhaps we can witness the young boy falling in love with the continent. There is also the chance that we can see Kate and Derek’s adventure continuing, with perhaps another rescued animal becoming a symbolic representation of their relationship.

If the movie chooses to focus more on animal safety than Kate and Derek’s life, we could see the duo taking on poachers who mercilessly kill the animals whereas the couple works at nursing and protecting them. While this would lend a serious tone to the movie, it could still have a wholesomeness associated with Christmas films, in the very act of animal protection. If the sequel chooses to be funny, we could see Kate’s ex visiting her in Africa, trying to win her back. While he has come across as a deeply unlikeable person in the first film, the sequel could explore his motives a little more, while perhaps showing him eventually becoming friends with Derek and Kate.

The possibilities are limitless, as Kate and Derek are just starting out their lives together. The two have their entire futures ahead of them. Any number of people from their pasts could show up, potentially setting the plot for the sequel.

Holiday in the Wild 2 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

The cast of ‘Holiday in the Wild’ includes ‘Sex and the City‘ star Kristin Davis as Kate, and ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ star Rob Lowe as Derek. Since they are the main characters whose love story forms the basis of the movie, they are likely to return in the sequel as well. We definitely hope that our beloved Manu also finds some screen time in ‘Holiday in the Wild 2’.

Holiday in the Wild 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

The movie has been directed by Ernie Barbarash and the screenplay comes from Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky. If a sequel does get made, we can expect Ernie to return to the director’s chair. The Dobrofskys should be back in the role of the writers, though that might be changed if ‘Holiday in the Wild 2’ decides to change its tone.

Holiday in the Wild 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Holiday in the Wild’ premiered on Netflix on November 1, 2019. The streaming platform usually monitors the viewership for a while, before deeming a project a success or failure. Based on that, the movie is allowed a sequel. In the event that a sequel to ‘Holiday in the Wild’ is made, it will most likely air around Christmas time again. Our best guess is ‘Holiday in the Wild 2’ might return for Christmas 2021.

Holiday in the Wild 2 Trailer:

‘Holiday in the Wild 2’ does not have a trailer yet, but you can check out the trailer for the first movie below.

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