12 Hollywood Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide

There is always a second chance they say. But it doesn’t hold true when it comes to life. Once over, it doesn’t give a second chance! But there are exceptions everywhere. And when we talk about Hollywood, we come across a number of celebrities that have tried to end their lives but life did give them a second chance after all!

Either out of despair or out of frustration or due to reasons best known only to them, celebrities have, on many occasions, tried to end their lives. Some were (sadly) successful and others weren’t. While we are yet to come to terms with comedian Robin Williams’ and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s passing away, here’s a list of twelve Hollywood celebrities that once tried to end their lives but survived to tell their tale.

12. Donna Summer

The disco queen of the late 70s and one of the world’s best-selling artists, the ‘On the radio’ hitmaker tried to end her life by jumping out of an eleventh-floor apartment in a building in New York City back then. Although Donna was at the height of fame, her personal life was facing a severe low as the artist was battling severe depression. While she confessed that she tried to end it all, her maid rescued her just in the nick of time.

11. Tina Turner

The songwriter, actor and singer of the late 50s, Tina Turner was a huge music sensation, who dabbled in different genres of music. Married to fellow artist Ike Turner, she was a victim of domestic abuse, who tried to walk out of her marriage to a severely violent husband. In her biography, the Queen of Rock & Roll mentioned how she suffered abuse at the hands of her husband for years, which eventually led her to try to commit suicide.

10. Elizabeth Taylor

The beautiful, doe-eyed actress, while filming for ‘Cleopatra’ in 1962, opposite the very handsome Richard Burton, fell for the star. Although married for the fourth time, Liz and Richard began a secret affair, which unfortunately the latter called off. Upset, drunk and depressed, Liz Taylor tried to kill herself by popping in extra doses of sleeping pills. She later confessed saying she had wanted to get away from everything.

9. Elton John

His is perhaps one of the most famous cases of attempted suicides. The singer-cum-songwriter was trying to come out of the closet at a time when it was still considered taboo. Also, unable to handle the pressures of fame and substance abuse, once in a bout of depression, Elton John hung his head over a switched on gas stove and tried to inhale the toxins. Had his writing partner Bernie Taupin not shoved him off, lay him on a pillow and open all the windows, he wouldn’t have gone on to collaborate with Taupin for the commemorative song ‘Someone saved my life tonight’!

8. Halle Berry

One of the few Black actresses to win an Academy award for her acting in ‘Monster’s Ball’ in 2001, Halle Berry had a brush with some lows in her life. Married to American baseball star David Justice in 1993, the couple filed for a divorce four years later in 1997. The failed marriage took such a toll on Halle that she tried to poison herself by shutting herself in her car, inhaling all the carbon monoxide until she came to her senses and decided against it!

7. Drew Barrymore

The ‘E. T.’ star had a troubled childhood. Her father was a drug addict and her mom took her to night clubs when she was only eight! Once in an interview, Drew said she had begun drinking at nine and had her first relationship at 13. Drugs were a natural progression and soon the actor was in a rehab trying to clean up her act at the young age of 14! But when she came out clean, depressed, she tried to slit her wrists with a kitchen knife. Aren’t we happy the gorgeous Charlie’s Angel survived?!

6. Britney Spears

The ‘Oops I did it again’ singer had a life she always wanted. She had fame and she had money when kids her age were still thinking of a career. In 2006, post the birth of her second son, her marriage to Kevin Federline Jr. was on the rocks. Suffering a nervous breakdown, Britney attempted suicide once by walking right into heavy traffic. Though she was rescued then, ‘oops she did it again’ in the same year; this time by a drug overdose!

5. Owen Wilson

Colleagues say he is a man full of life. But Owen Wilson had been dealing with depression and substance abuse since a very long time. His family and friends had been by his side through his rough patch, but Owen couldn’t find a way out of his depression. His family had nearly lost him once when in 2007 the actor had an overdose of pills and he also tried to cut his wrists, apparently because his then girlfriend Kate Hudson was found cheating on him.

4. Clark Gable

The King Of Hollywood and the epitome of male beauty and grace, Clark Gable had become a household name after his war drama ‘Gone With The Wind’ had been a smash hit. Gable, who had married Carole Lombard after two failed marriages, lost the woman he loved in a place crash. Distraught, Gable slipped into depression and once in a daze trying to end his life and his suffering, went on a rampage on a high-powered motorbike in 1942. He survived and later went on to star in a number of successful movies.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Her inspirational stories are all over the Internet. Raped at 14, the media baroness had a troubled time growing up. While she was a production assistant in 1981, Oprah fell for an RJ, who she later found out was already married with kids. Following this, the heartbroken woman rammed her car into a tree and tried to kill herself. But that wasn’t the first time she had suicidal thoughts. At 14, she had consumed laundry detergent to kill herself and the unborn child, which was a result of the rape. Sad story!

2. Walt Disney

Who could have imagined that the father of the animation industry would find a mention on the list? At 31, Walt Disney didn’t have things going his way. Lost and confused about a career, Walt Disney was also secretly battling depression. And when he thought it was more than he could take, he tried to commit suicide by an overdose of drugs and alcohol. Had he given up on life so soon, we wouldn’t have been watching all his amazing animated movies in awe!

1. Eminem

In 1996, Slim Shady was a struggling rapper and his first album ‘Infinity’ had been a huge dud. His personal life wasn’t really looking up either. His then girlfriend Kim Scott dumped him. Suffering from depression over the episode, Eminem also couldn’t win the custody of his only daughter. Down and dejected, he tried to kill himself by taking an overdose of drugs. Luckily, the once-suicidal rapper, who is known to not give an Eff to anything, survived. He now continues to make music and tell his tale!

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