Home Economics Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date, Time and Spoilers

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In the seventh episode of ‘Home Economics’ season 2, we witness Tom travel overseas for work purposes, but the trip becomes life-altering for him. However, his changed persona is not appreciated by his wife, Marina. Meanwhile, Sarah and Denise’s daughter Shamiah lets Connor in on an important secret. Our recap section shares more information about the episode in case you need an update. Now, we’d like to lay out everything that could be revealed in episode 8 of the show’s sophomore edition!

Home Economics Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

‘Home Economics’ season 2 episode 8 will premiere on November 17, 2021, at 9:30 pm ET on ABC. It is worth noting that the series is on a two-week-long hiatus. Usually, new episodes with runtimes ranging between 20 and 21 minutes each are released weekly on Wednesdays. However, it remains to be seen if the sitcom will fall back to its usual broadcast schedule, given that there will be another gap of two weeks following the premiere of season 2 episode 8.

Where to Watch Home Economics Season 2 Episode 8 Online?

You can watch ‘Home Economics’ season 2 episode 8 by tuning to ABC at the date and time specified above. In case you miss the television broadcast, the episode will be available for streaming on ABC’s official website and the ABC app. Following its television premiere, you can also catch it on Hulu. Additionally, you may live stream the episodes of the second season on Fubo TVXfinity, DirecTV, and YouTube TV. Moreover, new episodes will be available in the video-on-demand format on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon Prime Video, Microsoft Store, Spectrum, and Vudu.

Home Economics Season 2 Episode 8 Spoilers

Titled ‘Two Thousand Pounds of Sand, $240,’ the upcoming episode will be a heartwarming watch based on Thanksgiving as the Hayworths will perhaps host a dinner gathering. As regular fans of the show, we know that it won’t go down without a few banters and friendly fights in the family. Tom, Sarah, and Connor will compete with each other to win the title of the best host for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Denise will be unprepared to face her sister, who will join the Hayworth family celebration.

Home Economics Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

In season 2 episode 7, titled ‘Speeding Ticket, $180,’ Tom goes on a work trip to Puerto Rico where he begins to bond with famous chef Sofía, the celebrity he is ghostwriting for. Over a phone call, Marina is stunned to know that her timid husband has been going for steep waterfall dives and is now affectionately called “Tomás” instead of Tom. As a result, Marina gets jealous, and a transformed Tom returns home to see her lying motionless on the couch.

When Tom confronts his wife, she admits that she feels hurt because he never explores and walks out of his comfort zone whenever they are together, unlike his dynamic with Sofía. So, Tom decides to become Tomás and plans a night full of adventure and thrills. However, his anxiety interferes with his performance and the evening turns sour. Despite experiencing a night full of disappointments, Marina still tells him that she loves him for who he is.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Denise’s daughter Shamiah turns to her uncle Connor for advice regarding a boy she likes. The parents are worried when they find out about their daughter fantasizing about boys. More than that, they take offense to the fact that she is reserved about her personal life as far as they are concerned. They assume that their inability to relate to the straight community is difficult for Shamiah, who has instead chosen to talk to Connor about it.

Later, Sarah and Denise try to fit in by inviting Shamiah to watch ‘The Bachelorette’ together, but she leaves when the night turns awkward in a few seconds. In the end, the mothers learn that their relationship has nothing to do with Shamiah’s opinions and choices. She is just uncomfortable sharing secrets with her overprotective parents.

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