Will There be a Home Town S05?

‘Home Town’ is an American lifestyle series starring the couple Ben and Erin Napier. It airs on HGTV and first premiered on March 21, 2017. It showcases the couple’s talent to renovate, modify, and give a complete makeover to old houses and convert them into dream havens that accommodate all the expectations of the customers.

‘Home Town’ is directed by Jim Macpherson and Patrick McMahill. It is created by Jenna Keane, and the production company backing the project is RTR Media Inc. The series features the great talents of the Napiers that include renovating dilapidated and narrow houses and transforming them into aesthetically appealing beautiful and modern houses. It is primarily shot in Laurel, Mississippi.

Since the Napiers belong to the place where they fix the homes, there is an added sense of duty and belonging that has resonated with the viewers over its last 4 seasons, making the show as popular as it is. With the fourth outing having ended, read on to know everything about ‘Home Town’ season 5.

Home Town Season 5 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Home Town’ Season 4 premiered on January 2o, 2020, on HGTV, and concluded on April 27, 2020, after spanning 16 episodes.

Owing to the extreme popularity of the series, with a spin-off to be released in 2021, ‘Home Town’ holds a high potential of being renewed for another season. If HGTV greenlights it for a new outing, we can expect ‘Home Town’ season 5 to premiere sometime in 2021. Although the show usually returns in January every year, there might some delays next year due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Home Town Season 5 Hosts

The main cast of ‘Home Town’ features Ben Napier as himself (host), and Erin Napier as herself (host). While Ben is good with the woodwork, Erin is devoted to the creative side of things, which includes the interior design. Together, they make a pretty good team, and they work together to make Laurel more inviting to outsiders, as they look for their dream home in Mississippi.

In a potential season 5, both Ben and Erin will definitely be making a comeback to resume their hosting duties.

What Can Home Town Season 5 be About?

The premise of ‘Home Town’ is all about remodeling historic properties by Erin and Ben Napier without disturbing their core values. The couple believes in simple living in the Southern region and they set out to give new life to historic buildings in their hometown, Laurel, located in Mississippi. They provide facelifts to century-old homes by preserving their old textiles and other materials.

Erin is equipped with a degree in graphic design and has an impeccable sense of style that adds more value and beauty to her work. Erin’s talent coupled with Ben’s building skills and his precision in wood crafting is a boon to their customers that include first time home buyers, people seeking to renovate their old properties that require a makeover without disturbing their legacies.

What stands out about the show is the personal dedication and commitment that goes into the efforts on the part of the Napiers. Not only are they devoted to the houses they are renovating, but they are devoted to Laurel itself. Hailing from that place in Mississippi, these talented people want to share a bit of their hometown with outsiders.

Thus, they transform old houses, giving them a cozy feel, balancing elegance, comfort, and style with the modern-day practicality that one would expect of a dream home. While they enjoy doing their jobs, there are the occasional hurdles that they have to face. Clients can sometimes be demanding and unreasonable. It is the job of the Napiers to get the clients what they want, but they also keep their sense of aesthetics, and pragmatism of the request as factors to be considered before undertaking the project.

Thus, there are several episodes where the duo enters negotiations with clients, trying to bring them around to their viewpoint. However, the strength of their work comes from their utter dependence on and comfort around each other. They balance out the design and the execution, and the way the couple give space to each other and respect their individual areas of expertise is what makes them so good at their jobs. It is not without reason that people speak of southern sensibility as a praiseworthy aspect, and the Napiers are living proof of that. They approach all their reconstruction problems with a cool head and a degree of pragmatism that makes the problem solving seem remarkably easy.

Once Erin and Ben check out the project, Erin draws up plans, and then Ben gets to work, helping her bring those visions to fruition. By changing old homes to dream homes, they make their hometown seem more attractive to prospective buyers and it is a matter of great pride for someone to be so invested in the town where they live, and to actually do something concrete about it.

Hopefully, in the upcoming season, if that happens, we will see Erin and Ben continue in a similar manner, as they put their minds and talents together to renovate the old homes, making them dream abodes for prospective buyers while keeping a fixed set of aesthetics that reflects how they are as people. ‘Home Town’ is a must-watch if you are looking for simple yet elegant ways to renovate your own house.

Home Town Trailer:

If you haven’t seen the show yet head over to HGTV to catch all the episodes of the previous seasons.

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