When Does Hospital Playlist E05 Come Out on Netflix?

Hospital Playlist, with each newly released episode, has been breaking records with its viewership numbers. As per Nielsen Korea, episode 4, which released this week, attracted an average viewership of 9.8 percent while its third episode averaged 8.6 percent. And we are not surprised. This week delivered a beautifully emotional story that managed to leave an imprint in our hearts.

Until now, we had not been given many insights into the mysterious  Seok-Hyeon, apart from the fact that everyone calls him mama’s boy. But here’s the thing. He was always not like this. He used to have a blunt demeanor, especially when it concerned his mum. But everything changed when Seok-Hyeon’s younger sister passed away surprisingly. He had to return to Korea to look after his mother and organize the funeral.

Things got more tragic when Seok-Hyeon saw his dad with another woman while returning home. But when he tried to tell his mom about the affair, he was shocked to know that she knew everything all along. After learning about his mother’s struggles, Seok-Hyeon completely changed and currently, he wants to restart the band in memory of his sister, who was a keyboardist.

In other subplots, Jun-wan develops a crush on Lee Ik-jun’s sister. Ik-jun decides to let go of his wife and is officially single. He also has the support of his son, who says that he is happiest when he is with his father.

Well, after delivering another fantastic story, the super-hit Korean drama is all geared up to release its next episode. Read on to know the airtime and streaming details of Hospital Playlist Episode 5.

Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘Hospital Playlist’ episode 5 is scheduled to release on April 10, 2020, at 12.01 AM PT. The show will release one new episode at the same time slot every week and will wind up with its 12th episode on May 29, 2020.

Where to Watch Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Online?

The easiest and most feasible way to catch up on all the episodes of Hospital Playlist is, of course, with a Netflix subscription. You can stream the already released episodes on the platform.

You can stream Netflix on a tablet, smartphone, gaming console, desktop, or a streaming device such as a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, AirTV, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Spoilers

After a heartbreakingly poignant story arc in episode 4, which focuses primarily on Yang Seok Hyeong, we expect the next episode of Hospital Playlist to concentrate on another character: Chae Song Hwa. Other plotlines will follow the journeys of Ahn Jung Won (as he tries to figure out his future) and Kim Joon Wan (who needs to pay more attention to his love life).

Ahn Jung Won continues to convince his mother to let him become a priest. Meanwhile, Chae Song Hwa is held up with her juniors. On the other hand, Lee Ik Joon and Yang Seok Hyeong tackle some complicated medical cases. Finally, Kim Joon Wan considers welcoming someone new to his life and start dating.

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