Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 7: What to Expect?

In the sixth episode of ‘Hospital Playlist’ season 2, the hospital welcomes new interns and residents that puts a lot of pressure on the senior staff. Gyeo-ul begins to doubt her capabilities as a doctor, and Ik-jun tries to cheer her up. Jun-wan is still reeling over his break-up with Ik-sun. If you love the show and are looking for more details about episode 6, you can head to the recap at the bottom. Before the next episode releases, here’s a look at what lies ahead!

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date

‘Hospital Playlist’ season 2 episode 7 will premiere on August 5, 2021, at 3 am ET, on Netflix. It will originally premiere on the same day on its home network tvN at 9 pm KT. The second season has 12 episodes in total.

Where to Watch Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 7 Online?

The seventh episode of ‘Hospital Playlist’ season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix at the aforementioned date and time. International audiences can subscribe to the platform to access the episodes. Viewers in South Korea can watch it on tvN as per the information given above.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers

In the next episode, the doctors will try to save a patient battling a life or death situation. Jun-wan and Lee Ik-jun will be deeply affected by the following surgery. Moving on, Min-ha will try to boost up her love life by wooing Ahn Jeong-won. Gyeo-ul and Ahn Jeong-won, on the other hand, will plan to spend the weekend together. Song-hwa will ask Lee Ik-jun if he wants to accompany her in her upcoming getaway!

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

In the sixth episode of ‘Hospital Playlist’ season 2, the hospital welcomes a new batch of interns and residents stacked over various departments, with the exception of the cardio section. Moreover, doctors in Jun-wan’s department have it worse because of the absence of young doctors who could assist them. The interns are not well-equipped to handle pressure of such enormity, and Gyeo-ul also makes a few mistakes that tug at her insecurity. To get her back on track, Ik-jun mentions the time when Gyeo-ul’s boyfriend Jeong-won messed up as an intern.

No one but Ik-jun was aware of it until now, and Jeong-won suddenly became uncomfortable. He revisits the memory only to realize that it was Ik-jun who was responsible for the mistake, and Jeong-won didn’t want his image to be tarnished just before he was about to propose to Gyeo-ul. Jun-wan is shocked at the news but is happy for the couple who he hopes would be willing to take him in. He asks Jeong-wan if he could move in with them after marriage. His breakup with Ik-sun has left him forlorn and desolate, yet he refuses to date other people when Song-hwa offers to set him up. Ik-jun finally gets a clear idea of the problems that afflicted Ik-sun and Jun-wan’s relationship. Jun-wan, however, is completely unaware of Ik-sun’s medical condition.

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