Where to Stream Host?

Host‘ is an extremely timely found footage horror movie, helmed by Rob Savage. When six friends hold a seance over a zoom call, things go wrong very quickly as a spirit invades their lives. They reach the horrifying realization that if the friends don’t stick together and play their cards right, they might not make it through the night. The British movie has been praised for its concise and paced plot, which captures themes of anxiety and social separation. Curious to know where you can stream and watch ‘Host’? We’ve got you covered, right after walking you through the story.

What is Host About?

Friends who are quarantined during the pandemic, have a group call, and one of them arranges for a seance. All seems to go well until Jemma claims that she’s made contact with a friend who committed suicide. There’s a flutter of excitement before Jemma dashes all hopes, saying she was faking it.

Soon after, horrifying things start happening, and the medium informs the friends that Jemma’s prank might have summoned some demonic spirit, which is now attacking them. Amidst the global horror of the pandemic, the friends come face to face with a supernatural terror that freezes them on the spot.

Is Host on Netflix?

Netflix has a fantastic collection of films and shows, that can cater to the most discerning viewer. The platform has been careful to stock up on horror content as well. ‘Host’ is not on Netflix yet, but you can check out ‘It Comes at Night.’ A man establishes a shaky domestic order with his wife and son, even when the world is under an unnatural threat. The arrival of a young family puts everything to the test.

Is Host on Hulu?

Hulu keeps making smart additions to the platform, and their roster of horror films receives the same treatment. ‘Host’ has not arrived on the platform yet, but streamers can always check out ‘The Lodge.’ It narrates a similar tale of isolation as a woman is trapped with her partner’s children, in their family lodge. Soon, mysterious occurrences disturb everyone, and the woman’s violent past threatens to infringe upon the family as well.

Is Host on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has always been a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to horror. The platform has not let down subscribers here either. While Prime users cannot watch ‘Host,’ as is, they can always add Shudder to their existing Prime subscriptions, and watch the movie. There’s a week-long trial period, after which you must pay a monthly subscription. Check it out here.

Where Can I Stream Host Online?

No subscription to major streaming platforms? No worries. You can check out ‘Host’ on Shudder.

Can I Stream Host Online For Free?

There’s good news for those who want to watch ‘Host’ for free. Shudder has a trial period during which you can check out the movie. If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can add the Shudder subscription to it, for a week, for free. However, we urge readers to pay for all the art they consume.

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