Will There be a Hot Properties: San Diego Season 2?

The sunny city of San Diego gets a real-estate makeover on HGTV’s home improvement show, ‘Hot Properties: San Diego’. Top professionals from the house-overhauling business help homeowners to get the best price for their properties in San Diego. In this fascinating reality tv series, we get a view of the highly competitive Southern California housing market, where experts guide clients in renovating their abodes and converting them into cash-generating resources. Well, after a successful first-season run, here’s everything we know about its next edition.

Hot Properties: San Diego Season 2 Release Date:

‘Hot Properties: San Diego’ season 1 premiered on November 3, 2019, on HGTV. It ended with its ninth episode on March 12, 2020. Considering the nationwide popularity of its first edition, we are optimistic that the show will get a new season soon enough. Once that happens, we can expect ‘Hot Properties: San Diego’ season 2 to premiere sometime in late 2020.

Hot Properties: San Diego Season 2 Hosts

Leading realtor Seth O’Byrne, real estate agent Mia Tidwell, and contractor Andrew White are the featured professionals in this series, who guide homeowners with their clever promotional tips and brilliant home makeovers. They put their heart and soul in ensuring that clients get the best price for their properties.

The experts do everything, ranging from knocking down the walls to completely overhauling a dated family home and building an all-inclusive, ideal open house in a locale that’s prone to issues. The trio is ready to take any risk as long as they can make their clients happy. In season 2, the entire team is expected to make a comeback.

What Can Hot Properties: San Diego Season 2 be About?

‘Hot Properties: San Diego’ follows young real estate icons Seth O’Byrne, Mia Tidwell, and Andrew White and chronicles their tales, relationships, and innovation as they employ unique strategies to impress clients and buyers alike. From executing unconventional renovation projects to carrying out one-of-a-kind promotional stunts (such as transporting prospective customers to a house on a private yacht or installing a green and tiki bar in a home), the trio seeks to deliver the best dollars for any property.

Across the episodes, viewers get to witness some of Southern California’s most expensive, unique and interesting properties. The team consults with a homeowner who wishes to sell his home and works with him to get the maximum price for the project. But to do so, the house needs to be overhauled. The crew puts on their thinking caps, carries out detailed research, plans the whole project, creates spectacular design ideas, and then executes the renovation at the quickest time-frame possible. The end result is a spectacular, facility-packed, and comprehensive property.

Southern California offers cutthroat competition when it comes to the real estate market. Hence, O’Byrne, Tidwell, and White must ensure that they do not shy away from risks. With almost over 20,000 realtors in the region, they need to invent crazy, unconventional ideas so as to stay at the top of their game. In one episode, White requires to complete a beach bungalow in a race against time — because if he is unable to so so, O’Byrne and Tidwell risk losing a buyer. In another episode, Mia creates an uncommon open house and Seth approaches a team of elite brokers to sell a Wild West-themed estate.

When a homeowner approaches Andrew with a limited budget, the latter has to use all his resources to re-invent an outdated rental property. Seth and Mia then embark on a mission to transform an open house into a multi-million dollar waterfront property. Andrew purchases a massive, worn-out house in Escondido, and wants to flip it for generating some cash. Meanwhile, Seth and Mia visit all the hot-spots of San Diego in search of new clients and decide to turn a huge bachelor pad into the ideal family home.

In another episode, the trio is given a time-frame of just two weeks to renovate a new listing in the historic locality of Del Mar, after a contractor left the project midway. Now, the owner approaches them to flip it with a hefty multi-million-dollar price tag. Again, the trio is assigned the challenging task of overhauling a massive equestrian estate in Rancho Santa Fe. To impress buyers, Mia creates an amazing open house that even showcases a balloon ride, accompanied by a can-can dance performance in the property’s big saloon.

Season 2 will continue to follow the team as they give their best to attract leading buyers to their properties while consistently delivering A+ results.

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