Hotel Paranormal: Everything We Know

Often, large villas, houses, hospitals, or buildings are more crowded than we think! Experts believe that otherworldly entities inhabit enclosed spaces, especially those that span several square feet. Among such places, hotels, which have stood the test of time, are a hotspot for roaming spirits. And Travel Channel’s ‘Hotel Paranormal’ attempts to explore just that. It brings to the forefront eerie stories about haunted motels, inns, and hotels — narrated by guests who had a first-hand encounter with unexplained phenomena. Has the description sent chills down your spine already? If you are intrigued to know more about this fascinating documentary, read on!

Hotel Paranormal Season 1 Release Date:

‘Hotel Paranormal’ season 1 releases on July 11, 2020, on Travel Channel at 10 pm ET/PT. The first season will consist of 10 episodes and will wind up on September 12, 2020. Each episode will be one hour long in duration.

Hotel Paranormal Narrator

Acclaimed writer, actor, musician, and filmmaker Dan Aykroyd narrates each episode of the series. Aykroyd has held a fascination for the paranormal right from his childhood. His grandfather was a spiritualist and hence, he is no stranger to the occult. He expressed his excitement to be a part of ‘Hotel Paranormal’ in the show’s press release: “As a longtime believer in ghosts, I think the incredible encounters we’re highlighting on ‘Hotel Paranormal’ will open up a lot of minds and hopefully break through some of the skepticism people carry about the paranormal. I’m excited to lend my voice to help bring viewers across the United States, these gripping real-life ghost stories, many of which take place in their own backyards.”

What is Hotel Paranormal About?

‘Hotel Paranormal’ tells the true stories of guests who had faced terrifying otherworldly phenomena during their stays in the featured motel, inn, or grand hotel. People have described seeing objects flying across rooms and ancient spirits trapped in lobbies, as well as, demonic guests. Each incident is narrated via dramatic re-enactments, accompanied by insights from paranormal experts.

The premiere episode showcases a traveling salesman who checks into a highway motel and captures poltergeist activities on his cell phone. He even gets possessed by the malevolent spirit of a killer and needs an exorcism. Another tale is about a teen and his group of friends who go on a school trip to the Vatican. By accident, they set free an ancient evil and suffer the consequences. A journalist reaches Connecticut and enters the famous New England inn where she faces a supernatural attack. Additional episodes feature a hotel owner who is compelled to uncover buried secrets, a chef terrorized by a ghostly lady, and a young boy followed by a dark apparition at a luxury hotel.

Hotel Paranormal Trailer

Here is the official sneak peek from season 1 of the show:

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