House of Payne Season 10 Episode 8: What to Expect?

In episode 7 of ‘House of Payne’ season 10, Laura and Calvin seek couples therapy as a prerequisite to their upcoming wedding. But instead of cultivating respect for each other, they end up getting stuck under a huge pile of misunderstandings. Curtis and Ella then intervene as their saviors who try to talk sense into them. To refresh your memory concerning the latest happenings on the show, you can refer to the recap section. If you’re updated, here are all the details for ‘House of Payne’ season 10 episode 8!

House of Payne Season 10 Episode 8 Release Date

‘House of Payne’ season 10 episode 8 will release on July 13, 2021, at 9 pm ET on BET. New episodes land on the channel on Tuesdays, and every episode has a runtime of 20-23 minutes.

Where to Watch House of Payne Season 10 Episode 8 Online?

To watch ‘House of Payne’ season 10 episode 8, you can tune in to BET at the aforementioned timeslot. Fans who miss the original broadcast can visit BET’s official website or BET+ (with a subscription) and watch the episode there. Others can live-stream the show on DirecTVSling TVPhilo TVFubo TV, and YouTube TV. In addition, you can either buy/rent the episodes on VOD services like iTunes and Apple TV. Subscribers of Amazon Prime Video have the option of adding the BET+ package for $9.99/month after trial to watch the show here.

House of Payne Season 10 Episode 8 Spoilers

The eighth episode of ‘House of Payne’ season 10 is titled ‘Karen.’ In the first season of the show, Calvin had dated a girl named Karen who turned out to be HIV positive. If the title of the next episode refers to the same lady, there is a high chance Calvin might bump into her, which might create more drama. Apart from that, we will see Calvin tackle another problem when he gets blatantly accused of stealing car tags. Hence, the next episode will focus on social injustice and the way it manifests in society.

House of Payne Season 10 Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 of ‘House of Payne’ season 10 is titled ‘In the Hot Seat.’ In the latest episode, Calvin and Laura seek pre-marital counseling that causes friction in their relationship. Instead of growing stronger as a couple, the activity brings up issues that have never been addressed until now. In the first few minutes, the two are handed a survey asking them to list 3 positive things about each other. However, Curtis interrupts the session and suggests they should do the opposite if they want to know each other better.

So Calvin and Laura begin to list all the things they despise about each other, which surprises Calvin because he thought their relationship had always been smooth. His reaction makes Laura doubt his intentions to get married. They later argue in the kitchen, where Calvin explains that her habit of freaking out after listening to the truth makes him lie occasionally. Ella and Curtis try to dissolve the drama by hosting a “dinner-based intervention,” where she points out that their decision to get married seems too rushed.

Calvin and Laura have been dating for only six months which is not enough to know a person completely. However, Ella’s decades-long marriage with Curtis has also taught her that there are always new things that could be learned about someone. Curtis never fails to surprise her even though she has spent so much time getting to know him. So the key to having a long-lasting relationship is trust and acceptance. In the end, Ella’s speech serves as a blessing for the couple, who later make up to each other.

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