Human Resources Season 3: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Netflix’s ‘Human Resources’ is a sitcom centering on the various creatures assisting humans in their day-to-day emotional and mental conflicts. The adult animated series is created by Kelly Galuska, Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. It serves as a spin-off to ‘Big Mouth’ and features several characters, such as Maury and Connie, first introduced in the parent series. The show’s second season follows Emmy, Rochelle, Pete, Maury, and Connie as they attempt to overcome their personal and professional challenges in their unique zany fashion. However, with the season 2 finale leaving a few questions unanswered, viewers must wonder if the likable cast of Lovebugs, Logic Rocks, and Shame Wizards will return to our screens. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the possibility of ‘Human Resources’ season 3!

Will Human Resources Season 3 Happen?

‘Human Resources’ season 2 premiered on June 9, 2023, on Netflix. The second installment is set after the events of ‘Big Mouth‘ season 6 and contains ten episodes. Each episode has a running time of approximately 30 minutes. All episodes of the second season were released by the streaming service on the same day. However, we have some disappointing news regarding a follow-up installment that continues the story of Emmy, Maury, Connie, Pete, Rochelle, and the rest of the gang.

On April 18, 2022, roughly a month after the release of season 1, Netflix announced the series had been renewed for a sophomore outing. However, on April 24, 2023, a year after announcing the show’s renewal, the streaming giant confirmed that its second installment would also be its last. Hence, it is certain that the show’s second season is also its final outing, with the tenth episode of season 2 serving as the series finale. The announcement of the spin-off series concluding came alongside the news of the parent show ‘Big Mouth’ receiving an order for an eighth and final season. However, the streaming service did not give a definitive reason for ‘Human Resources’ ending with its previously ordered sophomore installment.

The second season of ‘Human Resources’ follows Maury and Connie as they deal with their child, Montel’s desire to become a Shame Wizard. Meanwhile, Emmy continues to make strides in her job as a Lovebug. On the other hand, Rochelle’s breakup with Dante turns her into a Hatebug leading to drastic consequences for everyone in the department. While the season 2 final mostly wraps up the plot threads introduced in season 2, some questions still linger about the main characters’ futures. With the second season finale serving as the series finale, it is unlikely that we will see a resolution to all these storylines.

According to reports that revealed that ‘Human Resources’ will end with its second season, the stories of Maury, Connie, Emmy, and Rochelle will continue in the seventh and eighth seasons of the mothership show ‘Big Mouth.’ Hence, it is likely that ending the series with its sophomore outing was a strategic decision from the show’s makers. The show’s characters may be folded into the parent series to tell a more complex and cohesive story as the ‘Big Mouth’ universe heads to its inevitable conclusion. All things said, ‘Human Resources’ has not been renewed for a third season, and the series stands effectively canceled with the conclusion of its second season.

However, this is certainly not the last we have seen of these characters. The stories of Maury, Connie, Emmy, Rochelle, and the rest of the gang will flow into the final chapters of ‘Big Mouth.’ Hence, viewers will almost certainly see more from their favorite Lovebugs, Logic Rocks, and Shame Wizards in the coming months. As a result, we can expect more answers about the future of the core gang from ‘Human Resources.’ The seventh and penultimate installment of ‘Big Mouth’ is expected to be released in Fall 2023, so viewers likely won’t have to wait long before renting with their favorite characters from ‘Human Resources’ despite the show’s cancellation.

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