When Will Hunter X Hunter S04 Stream on Netflix?

Hunter X Hunter‘ has a pretty huge fan-following of its own and is amongst the highest-rated anime shows on popular anime forums. In its six-story arcs, the anime perfectly dabbles with a myriad of genres like war, politics, VR, battle tournaments and even crime. It shifts from one genre to another in a very subtle way and this is one major aspect of it that keeps you completely engaged.

The ‘Hunter X Hunter’ manga is still in publication but it has been progressing rather slowly. And because of this, even the anime has been on a long hiatus. The author of the manga,  Togashi Mangaka, who suffers from a serious medical condition, also claimed in an interview: “It has come to a point where either the story concludes first, or I die before that happens. But I do intend to finish it.” Now there isn’t much we can say about the hiatus of the source, however, what’s strange is that even Netflix has not released the entire series on the platform in certain regions of the world. So if you’re wondering when Netflix will release ‘Hunter X Hunter‘ season 4, here’s everything we know.

Hunter X Hunter Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Hunter X Hunter’ season 1 premiered way back on October 2, 2011. Following this, the anime released 148 episodes in the next three years and came to an end on September 24, 2014. Soon after this, the anime was also released on Netflix which further cemented its worldwide popularity.

While the main anime series has not released any new content for quite some time, even Netflix seems to be in somewhat of a hiatus in context with releasing new content of the anime in certain regions. In some parts of the world, Netflix has already featured all six seasons of the anime but in others—including the US—only three seasons of the show have been released to date. Since it is one of the better-known shounen anime of our time, it comes as no surprise that fans are still waiting for Netflix to release its other seasons as well.

Unfortunately, as of now, Netflix has made no official announcements regarding the release of its remaining episodes and it has been almost a year since the anime’s initial release on the platform. Moreover, if we compare all the regions where the anime has premiered, there seems to be a certain discrepancy in the season numbers on the platform.

But apart from that, most regions do have all 148 episodes of the series. If there are remaining episodes produced, you can expect, ‘Hunter X Hunter’ season 4 to release sometime in October 2020 or later on Netflix. As soon as we get any confirmed news regarding this, we’ll update it here in this section.

Hunter X Hunter English Dub

Depending on your region, you can either stream the entire series or the first three seasons of ‘Hunter X Hunter’ on Netflix. If you’re not able to watch the remaining episodes of the anime in your region, you can try watching it on Crunchyroll where you can find all of its 148 episodes.