Will There be a Hustlers Sequel?

Hollywood loves making sequels and turning successful films into franchises. It is just how the industry has come to be, especially if the movie is as powerful as ‘Hustlers’. The film has all the right ingredients to become a successful franchise. Firstly, it has a star-studded cast including the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. Added to that is the fact that the movie has an intriguing plot with elements of crime. Lastly, it is even based on a true story, making the film grounded in reality rather than a flight of fancy. With this trifecta, ‘Hustlers’ is a prime candidate to get a sequel.

Moreover, the movie has already garnered praise for its performances. Critics have given the movie positive reviews mostly, as well. All of this leads us to believe that ‘Hustlers’ could very well get a second part, based on how the first movie ended. The story of Ramona Vega and Dorothy are far from over, and the sequel could explore plenty of other angles. Here is all that we know about the sequel to ‘Hustlers’.

Hustlers Sequel Plot: What We Know So Far?

In the eventuality of a ‘Hustlers’ sequel taking place, the movie will most likely pick up after the events of the first film. Thus, it is important to acquaint you with the details. Basically, ‘Hustlers’ begins with Elizabeth, a reporter, asking Dorothy, a former stripper, questions about her mentor and friend, Ramona Vega. We see Dorothy in 2007, working as a stripper named Destiny, to support her grandmother. However, she does not seem to make too much money in the business before she meets Ramona, who takes her under her wing and shows her the ropes.

Following the financial crash in 2008, the two start a different scheme where they lure men in bars, get them drunk, and take them back to the club to steal their credit card info, and fleece them of their money. Annabelle and Mercedes, Ramona’s new protegees, are also part of this scheme. Ramona also seems to have a cocktail of MDMA and ketamine to help get the men drunk. However, the scheme eventually gets out of hand and the law enforcement agents close in on the group. All four of them are arrested, with Ramona and Dorothy taking plea deals and avoiding jail time, while Mercedes and Annabelle go to jail for a short while. The movie ends with Dorothy and Ramona’s friendship in a rocky place, but both contemplate reconciling.

So, what could the sequel of ‘Hustlers’ be about? Well, firstly, ‘Hustlers’ is based on the true story as it appeared in the 2015 New York magazine article by Jessica Pressler, titled ‘The Hustlers at Scores‘. Thus, the characters in the movie have real-life counterparts, and the sequel could very well deal with that. First off, we have Ramona Vega whose real-life counterpart is Samantha Barbash or Samantha Foxx. She happens to run a medical spa now and has her own version of the story of ‘Hustlers’, titled ‘Underscore’. She also specializes in plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

A sequel could be made about Samantha’s life, exploring her past and taking into consideration her version of events, while focusing on how she got out of the stripping business and went legitimate. Alternately, the sequel could focus on Dorothy’s real-life counterpart, Roselyn Keo or Rosie. Rosie is all the more interesting because she plans on being a motivational speaker like Jordan Belfort of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘. She is also writing her own book titled ‘The Sophisticated Hustler’. The sequel could take all this into account. Moreover, when the film starts, we already see Dorothy working as a stripper, whereas Keo has detailed some of her wild childhood and work at a diner in the source article. Thus, the sequel could focus on that.

Alternately, the sequel could also focus on Annabelle and Mercedes’ time in prison. There is also a chance of taking a much more fictional route here instead of remaining grounded in reality, if the sequel becomes a prison movie, showing the ins and outs of incarceration like ‘Orange Is the New Black‘. It is evident that there are plenty of opportunities to explore as the characters’ stories have not been told completely to the audiences yet.

Hustlers Sequel Cast: Who is Going to be in it?

The cast of the ‘Hustlers’ sequel would depend purely on which story they choose to tell. If they pick up Ramona’s story and we see how she transitions from the gang leader to a legitimate businesswoman, then Jennifer Lopez will definitely be returning. Since she has drawn the most praise for her performance in ‘Hustlers’, this seems to be the most likely possibility.

However, if the story is about Dorothy’s life after the gang, then we shall see Constance Wu playing the part in the sequel, and she has delivered a strong performance in the first film. We could also be seeing Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart reprising their roles as Mercedes and Annabelle if the sequel chooses to chronicle their time in jail and what they do after getting out.

That being said, the group works best when they are together, so it remains to be seen if the actresses can deliver strong enough performances in their individual films to make them as popular as ‘Hustlers’.

Hustlers Sequel Crew: Who is Behind it?

‘Hustlers’ has had a solid crew with Lorene Scafaria penning the script and directing the movie. Todd Banhazl handles the photography. It is too early to say for certain that the same crew will be back for the sequel. While they have handled ‘Hustlers’ really well, there are several exciting prospects, if another crew decides to make the sequel to the movie, since the content will be handled in a uniquely different manner.

Hustlers Sequel Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Hustlers’ has only just released on September 13, 2019. Moreover, a sequel has not been officially greenlit yet. Even if the project moves along at a fast pace, including the time it takes to shoot a movie, we should not expect a ‘Hustlers’ sequel before 2021, at the earliest.

Hustlers Trailer:

Obviously, it will take some time for the trailer of the sequel to ‘Hustlers’ to drop. In the meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for ‘Hustlers’ below.

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