Hyperdrive Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Hosts, Recap, Update

Netflix describes it as “absolutely nothing compares to the spectacle you are about to see”.  The adrenaline-rushing, non-scripted reality series, ‘Hyperdrive’, is definitely one of the craziest street-racing shows on TV. It is even backed by some incredible star power, featuring Charlize Theron as the executive producer, alongside Aaron Catling. The 10-episode season 1 of the show was filmed in Rochester, New York, and followed underground tournament drivers, handpicked from across the globe, battling for the top position on one of the largest existing obstacle courses. Here’s everything we know about its next season.

Hyperdrive Cast: Who is in it?

‘Hyperdrive’ is not about seasoned drivers competing against one another on an unimaginable automotive course. It brings in regular people, ranging from upcoming drivers and amateurs to semi-pros, who comprise the 28-member team. The producers had scoured each corner of America to shortlist the best racers — ranging from trawling and drifting to drag racing competitions. They wanted to discover the perfect matches for this adventurous race and intriguing contest. Among the participants of season 1 were truck driver, lumberjack, stay-at-home mom, a construction worker, a model, a law student and also a millionaire. All of them were allowed to get their own customized vehicles, thereby, introducing a lot of variety — which definitely proved to be a treat for automobile geeks.

The show is presented by four hosts, including former ‘Top Gear USA‘ presenter Rutledge Wood, former MMA fighter Michael Bisping, and Fox Sports broadcasters Mike Hill and Lindsay Czarniak.

All the hosts are expected to return for season 2 with several exciting new contestants.

Hyperdrive Plot: What is it about?

Branded as a mashup between ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and ‘Fast and Furious‘, ‘Hyperdrive’ showcases 28 of the world’s best underground drivers attempting to prove their prowess on a 100-acre course, specially curated for the series and located in Rochester, New York. Conceptualized as a tournament-style competition, the show offers them the option to utilize their skills and display their expertise in the multiple disciplines of motorsport. As these contestants attempt to face various difficult stunts thrown at them, they must best each other to reach the top and earn the title of Hyperdrive Champion.

Another distinct element on this car-racing show is that here, the drivers are allowed to bring their own personal, modified vehicles. You can see all types of crazy models, ranging from a Ford Mustang to a Japan-only drift missile and a Lamborghini Huracan. We even see a second-gen Camaro, a ‘69 Dodge Charger, an E30 BMW 3-Series, a Nissan Silvia drifter, a Ford Interceptor inspired by the old Probe, and a modern Mercedes. And what about the stunts? Well, they are even crazier. The obstacle course is built on a giant business park in Rochester and it looks like the largest existing industrial complex, straight out of a ‘Need for Speed‘ video game. For instance, there is this Leveler, a huge car-sized teeter-totter that is designed to test a car’s traction. In addition, the facility contains 10 different types of courses, including a giant see-saw, drift courses, among others.

‘Hyperdrive’ is segmented into two sections. The first part is an interview of the contestants with Charlize Theron. The second part focuses on the various stages of the competition, hosted by Michael Bisping, Rutledge Wood, Lindsay Czarniak, and Mike Hill. There is a series of qualifying rounds and the drivers engage in a sequence of fierce, dangerous face-offs in order to be selected and claim the champion’s crown.

‘Hyperdrive’ is indeed better when compared to regular car-themed shows primarily because of its concept which presents the sport of high-performance driving as a respectful competition. It is unlike other mainstream titles, which showcases it as a mere pastime for young boys. And this definitely adds a refreshing twist to the genre.

Hopefully, season 2 will continue to be thrilling and exciting with new set of racing enthusiasts.

Hyperdrive Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Hyperdrive’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on August 21, 2019. All the 10 episodes of the first season, of 45 to 50 minutes each, landed on the same date.

‘Hyperdrive’ is Netflix’s third automotive-centered show after ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches‘, inspired by The History Channel’s show, ‘Counting Cars‘. The second title is ‘Fastest Car’ which pits exotic, modern supercars against garage-built, sleeper machines to see if the latter can be crowned as the victor. There is also an animated series loosely based on the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.

Now, will ‘Hyperdrive’ be renewed? Well, the chances are quite bright considering how enthusiastic Netflix is about the show. Here’s what executive producer Chris Cowan had to say before show’s premiere, “We wanted to create a groundbreaking spectacle that you could only find on Netflix – something that was too stupid to attempt anywhere else.” He also added that they wanted to provide a global platform where car enthusiasts would get an option to win a championship and compete for something that really matters.

Taking everything into consideration, we expect the show to get renewed and ‘Hyperdrive’ season 2 to premiered sometime around August, 2020.

Hyperdrive Trailer:

While we wait for an update on ‘Hyperdrive’ season 2, check out the season 1 trailer below.

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